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Conditioned Stimulus – Psychology Quiz 1

The key terms of Psychology Quiz include, Conditioned Stimulus, Smell, Cognition,

You are a big fan of your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies. Just the smell of them causes you to feel hungry. One night she is making chocolate chip oatmeal almond cookies, a variation of her usual recipe. You smell the baking cookies and even though it is different than her usual cookie scent, you still suddenly feel hungry for a treat. This demonstrates the classical conditioning principle of ________.


stimulus discrimination

stimulus generalization – correct

spontaneous recovery

What is the main idea of operant conditioning?

Behavior is motivated by the consequences we receive for the behavior: reinforcements and punishments. – correct

Fear is a conditioned response.

Learning can occur when a conditioned stimulus is paired with an unconditioned stimulus.

One can learn new behaviors by observing others.

Gabrielle watches her father put batteries into her toy phone, and she is then able to put the batteries into the toy phone herself without further instruction from her father. In this example, Gabrielle’s father is a ________.


model – correct



If the principles of social learning theory are true, then children may model aggressive behavior ________.

after dreaming about having a fight with their parents

after dreaming they were on television

after seeing a television character being punished for taking violent action against another character

after seeing a television character receive a reward for taking violent action against another character – correct

According to psychologist ________ classical conditioning is effective because of the ability of a person or animal to predict the relationship between the UCS and the CS.


Rescorla – correct



You begin to salivate when you smell your favorite cake in the oven, but not when you smell the gross scent of a dirty diaper. This is an example of ________.

operant conditioning

stimulus discrimination – correct

stimulus generalization

higher-order conditioning

Tabetha has a mental picture of the layout of her house, also called a ________, so when she comes home late at night she can navigate through the rooms without turning on a light.

cognitive map – correct

fixed interval map

fixed ratio map

latent map

Stanley was diagnosed with lymphoma and had to undergo several months of chemotherapy. During this time he would become very nauseated as a side effect, and unintentionally came to associate that nausea with his favorite grilled cheese sandwich. Now, years later, even thinking about a grilled cheese sandwich makes him sick. In this example, Stanley’s nauseous reaction to a grilled cheese sandwich is the ________.

unconditioned stimulus

unconditioned response

conditioned stimulus

conditioned response – correct