Terms of Our Honor Code

Intellectual Property Rights

We at Quiz Tutors always respect the intellectual property rights of others, and we also expect our users to do the same. All our users should only upload content to our website that is their own work or the only content they’re otherwise authorized to post. In compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other applicable copyright laws in other jurisdictions globally wherever we offer our services, we will remove content that’s identified to us by the copyright owner through a valid notice of copyright infringement. We will also take actions against and terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly engage in copyright infringement. For further information, kindly have a look at our Copyright Policy

If you believe you are a copyright owner and have a good faith belief that your copyright material has been uploaded on to our website, we will remove the material upon submission of the information and sworn statements as set out in the DMCA.

Academic Integrity

We at Quiz Tutors are committed to students and their studies. We strongly believe in academic integrity being a fundamental part of students’ learning process. We have designed our tools and services to support learning while upholding academic integrity. Our tutors work very hard to support students in their learning process by online tutoring, chat support to enhance their knowledge, step by step explanation to supplement traditional class instructions and improve students performance. We provide student learning support with a number of different tool on demand available 24-7 to meet the students needs.

Our tools and services should never be used by anyone for any kind of cheating or fraud. We do not allow our services to be used for answers to an active test or exam, or using answers found on our platform and presenting them as your own. These actions are unfair to everyone and do not support learning. This kind of misuse of Quiz Tutors’ services could have serious consequences, including a ban from our platform and or having an investigation opened by your institution

Honor Code

We are here to support better education services and our users learning process. Any misuse of our platform to cheat on tests and assignments, is totally incompatible with our values. We work very hard to uphold academic integrity on our website, and we are constantly improving our platform to support students in their learning process. We expect all Quiz Tutors’ users to adhere to our policies and agree to our Honor Code before creating or studying content on our platform

Active exams, tests and quiz banks’ questions including answers and all other confidential course contents are not allowed to be posted on Quiz Tutors. If you are studying past tests to prepare for an exam, please know that the content you are using may still be in use by other teachers and kindly ensure to keep this material private to yourself

Furthermore, it is also your responsibility to know and uphold your institution’s policies regarding sharing course material online. Therefore, kindly review your schools’ academic integrity policies before posting any content on our platform

Common violations of our Honor Code could include

Posting and sharing answers to a test you just took

Searching Quiz Tutors platform just to look for answers to use them to cheat on a test or exam

Checking and copying answers during a test, from our platform on your phone


Reporting Honor Code Violations

If you have found active exam questions and answers on our platform that are in violation of our Honor Code, please report to us and we will promptly address the issue. If you have any additional questions, please email us at support@quiztutors.com