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United States Local Government – Political Science

This quiz covers United States Local Government – Political Science.

Judicial review

A.The power of courts to declare actions of the government unconstitutionalcorrect
B.The act of appealing a decision made by a lower court
C.The power of courts to review the acts of ordinary citizens
D.Reviewing court decisions

Which constitutional amendment guarantees the freedom of the press? 

A.The firstcorrect
B.The second
C.The third
D.The tenth 

Who created the local governments in the United States (home rule)?

A.The state leglislatures correct
B.The US Constitution
C.The US Congress
D.The Articles of Confederation

How many times has the US Constitution been amended?


Checks and balances

A.The power of the government to ensure that everyone follows the law
B.Each branch of the government participates and influences the activities of the other branches
C.The states check and balance each other
D.The people have the power to check the influence of the government

A Political Action Committee does:

A.Raises and distributes campaign fundscorrect
B.Counts votes
C.Tries to get its members elected into office
D.Writes policy proposals 

Supremacy Clause

A.The president of the United States is the supreme ruler of the United States
B.The northern states are superior to the southern ones
C.Laws passed by the national government are superior to laws passed by the statescorrect
D.It has to do with the doctrine of racial superiority

Free riding

A.Getting a ride from a friend
B.Enjoying the benefits while others bear the costscorrect
C.Helping others
D.The government helps people

Going public

A.Appearing on public TV
B.Walking in public
C.Talking to public officials 
D.A media campaign to mobilize public supportcorrect


A.The president needs the support of both houses of Congress to pass laws
B.A house with two rooms
C.The division of Congress into two chamberscorrect
D.The form of congress under the Articles of Confederation

What were the Federalist Papers?

A.Articles written in opposition to federalism
B.Articles written to support the 1787 Constitutioncorrect
C.Articles that argued against slavery 
D.Articles that listed the complaints of the colonists

Expressed powers

A.Freedom of expression
B.Powers that belong exclusively to the states
C.The powers of the federal government that are listed in the Constitutioncorrect
D.Executive powers

Conservatives support:

A.The separation of church and state
B.Market solutions to social problems correct
C.Gay rights
D.Environmental regulations

The insider strategy of influencing policy includes:

A.Launching public information campaigns 
B.Gaining access to key decision makerscorrect
C.Going public
D.Using electoral tactics

Public goods are:

A.Things that the government provides
B.All of these choicescorrect
C.Things that cannot be denied to anyone once they have been provided 
D.Things that can be used by all once they exist 


A.Rule by a small group of peoplecorrect
B.The form of government in the United States
C.A form of monarchy
D.A form of democracy

By what process does a political party attempt to identify strong candidates and interest them in entering the campaign for public office?

A.Candidate nomination 
B.Candidate enlisting
C.Candidate assessment 
D.Candidate recruitmentcorrect

Which of the following is a source of identity politics?

C.All of these choices 
D.Music preferences 

The outsider strategy of influencing policy includes:

A.Gaining direct access to key decision makers 
B.Talking to the president
C.Talking to members of Congress
D.Going publiccorrect

Who is more supportive of the United States getting involved in foreign military interventions?

B.Both genders are equally supportive
D.It cannot be determined 

One of the main functions of the government is:

A.Support rich people 
B.Promote racial harmony 
C.Provide health care 
D.Maintain order correct

C.Agenda setting

Authoritarian government

A.A government that has total control over society
B.A government that has authority
C.A government that does not recognize any limits to its power but certain actors within society may limit its powercorrect
D.None of these choices

Three-fifths Compromise

A.In order to be elected president you need three-fifths of the vote
B.The Unites States received three-fifths of the colonies in exchange for its independence
C.Three small states has the same voting power as five large ones
D.Five slaves were counted as three free persons for representational purposescorrect

Which of the following is a source of public opinion?

A.All of these choicescorrect


A.The power of the media to shape how events are perceivedcorrect
B.The process of investigating politicians
C.None of these choices
D.The power of the media to frame politicians

Which groups are better represented by interest groups?

A.Minority organizations
B.Business associationscorrect
D.Professional associations

Form where do most people get the news?


What are some of the factors that shape the public opinion?  

A.The media 
B.The government 
C.All of these choices correct
D.Private groups 

What are state powers called?

A.Executive privilege 
B.Expressed powers
C.Reserved powerscorrect
D.Implied powers

Constitutional government 

A.A government similar to that of Russia
B.A government whose powers are limited (especially by laws)correct
C.A government whose power has no limit
D.A government constituted by the people

A totalitarian government is:

A.A form of government where people have total power 
B.A government that recognizes no formal limits to its powercorrect
C.A form of anarchy 
D.A form of democracy 

Which are some of the strategies that interest groups use to influence the government?

B.All of these choices
C.Lobbying correct
D.Going public

The Great Compromise

A.The compromise that ended the Mexican war
B.A compromise that gave each state equal representation only in the Senatecorrect
C.The compromise that gave to the United States the Louisiana Territory 
D.The compromise that led to the end of the Revolutionary War

An interest group does:

A.Policy-related appeals to the government correct
B.Help poor people
C.Elect its members into offce 
D.Bribe politicians 

Democracy is:

A.Rule by the wealthy
B.A system of government where people play a significant rolecorrect
C.Rule by a few people
D.Rule by the educated people 

Can the United States government censor news? 

A.Only under extraordinary circumstances 
D.Every time it wants to

Electoral politics in influencing policy makers include:

A.All of these choices correct
B.Public Action Committees
C.The initiative
D.Campaign activism

What is the name of the process by which a party selects a single candidate to run for each elective office?


The Bill of Rights

A.Rights granted by the British king to the Americans
B.Universal human rights
C.The first ten amendments to the US Constitutioncorrect
D.Rights found in the Articles of Confederation

Liberals support

A.All of these choices
B.International organizations correct
C.Abortion rights 
D.Government intervention in the economy


A.People who wanted only state governments 
B.People who supported federalism
C.Early supporters of the 1787 Constitutioncorrect
D.People who supported the British King

Autocratic government 

A.Rule by a few people
B.Rule by one personcorrect
D.Rule of the people 

Concurrent powers

A.State powers
B.Powers that can be exercised by both the federal and state governments correct
C.Powers that are shared among the three branches of the government 
D.Powers that no one can have

Gender gap

A.Emotional differences between men and women 
B.Religious differences between men and women 
C.All of these choicescorrect
D.The difference in political views between men and women

A political party is an organization seeking:

A.To influence the government through lobbying 
B.Influence over government by electing its members to officecorrect
C.The greater good of the nation
D.To promote its ideology all over the world 

The Articles of Confederation

A.America’s first written constitutioncorrect
B.None of these choices
C.The constitution of England
D.Another name for the current constitution


A.Power is divided between the government sitting in Washington, DC and the 50 statescorrect
B.Power is concentrated exclusively in the federal government 
C.Power belongs only to the individual states 
D.People who supported the 1787 Constitution

Which of these groups are better represented by interest groups?

A.The well-educated 
B.All of them
C.Professionals correct
D.The wealthy

Is there a limit to how much money lobbyists can give in gifts to members of Congress?

A.There are no limits for friends 
B.There are no limits if the money is spend on entertainment 

When recruiting candidates, parties typically look for candidates who have an unblemished record and

ability to raise money

The United States is referred to as having a two-party system because:

only two parties have a serious chance to win national elections

U.S. governmental institutions and electoral rules lead to a(n) ________ system.

two party system

During the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt developed a program for economic recovery that would substantially increase the size and reach of America’s national government. He named this program the:

The new deal

Presidents are more likely to get their legislative proposals through Congress if:

they are supported by the president’s party and party leaders in Congress

Committee assignments in Congress are made by:

party groups

A local party organization that controls local politics through patronage and the nomination process is known as:

a party machine

When recruiting candidates, parties consider that at the very least, a serious candidate for a U.S. Senate seat must be able to raise several ________ dollars.


The first Republican president was:

Abraham Lincoln

In American electoral politics, the differences between men and women in presidential voting is known as:

The gender gap

Committee assignments in Congress are made by:

Party groups

During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, many cities and counties and even a few states had such well-organized political parties that they were called:

Party Machines

The first step in the process of getting out the vote involved

Voter registration

A primary election in which individuals declare their party affiliation on the actual day of the primary election is a(n) ________ primary.


In addition to leading the executive branch, the president also has responsibilities to:

be the leader of his party

The type of primary election most supportive of strong political parties is the ________ primary.


The process by which a party selects a single candidate to run for each elective office is known as:


Among the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituent groups since the New Deal have been:


In American presidential elections, women are somewhat more likely to support the:


The process by which a political party attempts to identify strong candidates and interest them in entering the campaign for public office is called candidate:


The primary purpose of national party conventions is to:

select the party’s presidential nominee

Among the youngest group of Americans today, the majority describe themselves as:


A primary election in which voters can participate in the nomination of candidates only for the party in which they have previously registered is called a(n) ________ primary.


America’s most rapidly growing electoral bloc, won overwhelmingly by Barack Obama in 2008, is:


U.S. governmental institutions and electoral rules lead to a(n) ________ system.

Two party system

A local party organization that controls local politics through patronage and the nomination process is known as:

Party Machine

In the United States, third parties are usually influential for only a short time because their:

ideas are usually absorbed by one of the major parties

Party leaders seek ideas and programs that will expand their party’s base of support while eroding that of the opposition through their role as:

policy entrepreneurs

Presidents are more likely to get their legislative proposals through Congress if:

they are supported by the president’s party and party leaders in Congress

Typically, third parties in the United States have represented social and economic interests that:

were not given voice by the two major parties

Third parties rarely win elective office in the United States because:

they lack sufficient membership concentration in any one district to win a plurality of votes