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Technical Skills, Job

The key terms of this Healthcare & Nursing include Job, Technical Skills.

Genetic counselors perform the following duties as part of their job.

interpret laboratory results,
communicate findings to physicians and patients,
assists patients and families to make healthcare decisions based on risks for genetic disorders

Which of the following areas employ the largest numbers of health educators?


Which of the following is the minimum requirement to be eligible for the Certified Health Education Specialist examination?

bachelor’s degree

Health service managers are individuals who work in many different positions; planning, organizing, and coordinating the delivery of health care.


Because of the need to satisfy demand for financial viability, cost containment, and public and professional accountability, chief administrators need leadership abilities as well as technical skills.


As the chief executive officer (CEO), a person would be responsible for speaking before civic groups, promoting public participation in health programs, and coordinating the activities of the hospital or facility with those of government or community agencies.


It is highly likely that all first responders would need to have what type of training?

cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

First responders are at risk of which of the following while performing their job duties?

exposure to disease,
back injury,
hearing loss

While performing their job duties, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) typically work in what type of setting?


We are more likely to see what level of EMTs and paramedics in rural communities and small towns?


Radiologic technologists and technicians perform testing such as computed tomography and mammography.


When performing fluoroscopies, radiologic technologists prepare solutions for the patient to drink.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) both use nonionizing radio frequencies to generate image contrast.


Technologists and technicians wear badges that deflect radiation and minimize their exposure.


All states are mandated by the federal government to require licensure of radiologic technologists.


Aside from their job training, what other skills set would surgical technologists most likely need to have?

conscientious, have manual dexterity, be emotionally stable