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Ocean Temperature & Climate - Earth Sciences Final
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Atmosphere, Oxygen, Ocean Temperature, Carbon Dioxide, Volcanic Eruptions

The key terms in this Earth Sciences course include Atmosphere, Oxygen, Ocean Temperature, Carbon Dioxide, Volcanic Eruptions, Photosynthesis, Temperature, Barometers, Humidity, Wind, Conduction, Radiation, Precipitation, Prevailing Winds, Ocean Currents, Latitude, Weather, Climate

Which gas is the most abundant in earth’s current atmosphere?

  • oxygen
  • hydrogen
  • nitrogen – correct
  • carbon dioxide

Which of the following was a major source of atmospheric oxygen?

  • outgassing
  • volcanic eruptions
  • decomposition of water
  • photosynthesis – correct

Barometers are used to measure which of the following?

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • atmospheric pressure – correct
  • wind speed

If heat energy is transferred from direct contact between a warm object and a cold object, it has been transferred by __________.

  • conduction – correct
  • the sun
  • convection
  • radiation

The Coriolis effect is caused by which of the following?

  • gravity
  • earth’s revolution
  • earth’s rotation – correct
  • radiation from the sun

The flow of air from land to a body of water is called a(n) __________.

  • summer monsoon
  • land breeze – correct
  • sea breeze
  • air current

Which of the following statements is most accurate?

  • Warm air exerts more pressure on the land than cold air.
  • The warm air sinks.
  • Warm air is less dense than cold air. – correct
  • Warm air is denser than cold air.

Which of the following best describes the thermosphere?

  • The atmosphere is so thin that gas molecules rarely contact each other. – correct
  • The thermosphere sits directly below the troposphere.
  • Lighter gases such as nitrogen and oxygen rise to the top of the thermosphere.
  • Heavier gases such as hydrogen and helium stay at the bottom of the thermosphere.

Ocean Temperature & Climate

Tomorrow will be sunny with high clouds. What does this statement describe?

  • the air circulation in an area
  • the jet streams
  • the climate in an area
  • the weather in an area – correct

 Which of the following is one of the defining features of a hurricane?

  • high pressure
  • low pressure – correct
  • funnel cloud
  • rapid snowfall

Which of the following best defines climate?

  • Climate is the average, year-to-year conditions of temperature in an area.
  • Climate is the average, year-to-year conditions of weather in an area. – correct
  • The climate is the average, daily conditions of weather in an area.
  • Climate is the average, year-to-year precipitation in an area.

Which of the following determines a region’s climate?

  • air pressure and temperature
  • temperature and prevailing winds
  • prevailing winds and relative humidity
  • temperature and precipitation – correct

Which of the following can have a significant effect on a region’s climate?

  • only ocean currents
  • only elevation and latitude
  • ocean currents, mountains, elevation, and latitude – correct
  • only mountains

If winds blow against a mountain from the south, then on which slope would you expect to find the least precipitation?

  • north – correct
  • east
  • west
  • south

Which of the following processes is responsible for producing large amounts of snow in Buffalo, New York?

  • lake effect – correct
  • urban heat island
  • mountain lift effect
  • urban canyon effect

Which of the following is a consequence of urban heat islands?

  • increased precipitation upwind of the city
  • decreased winds within the city
  • increased precipitation downwind of the city – correct
  • increased winds within the city

Ocean Temperature & Climate

In which city do the winds blow across an ocean?

  • Miami, Florida – correct
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • New York City
  • Denver, Colorado

Lower latitudes tend to have __________.

Which phrase best completes the sentence?

  • you can’t compare temperatures without including pressure data
  • higher average temperatures than higher latitudes – correct
  • lower average temperatures than higher latitudes
  • the same temperatures as higher latitudes

Brighton, Utah, is only 20 miles away from Salt Lake City, Utah. Its temperature is about 10° to 15° lower than Salt Lake City and it gets more snowfall.

Which statement most likely explains this difference?

  • Brighton is on the leeward side of the Rocky Mountains.
  • The Brighton is farther north than Salt Lake City.
  • Brighton is at a higher elevation than Salt Lake City. – correct
  • Brighton is located near a large body of water such as an ocean.

What kind of climate is controlled by elevation more than any other factor?

  • highland – correct
  • temperate continental
  • tropical wet
  • polar

The type of vegetation that grows in a particular climatic zone is influenced mostly by __________.

Which term best completes the sentence?

  • prevailing winds
  • latitude
  • precipitation – correct
  • ocean currents