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Psychology – Social Development Theory – Chapter 1 Quiz

This Rethinking Social development, theory research and practice study

Let’s say that a researcher wants to study adolescent sexual behavior. Which of the following research methods would be most effective and efficient to use for such a study?

questionnaire – correct

naturalistic observation


structured observation

Freud argued that personality development is most strongly influenced by ______.

the way parents gratify their child’s desires at various stages – correct

conscious choices a child makes after learning what is appropriate

the completion of a person’s emotional tasks at each stage in life

crises that a person experiences in early and late adulthood

The relative contributions to development of environmental and biological factors is referred to as which issue in lifespan human development?



nature–nurture – correct


The ___________ method of research is focused on associations between variables without determining cause-and-effect relationships.


correlational – correct



The term that refers to the changeability or  malleability  of development is  ______.

plasticity – correct




To make sure that every participant in an experiment has an equal chance of being placed in either the experimental or control group, researchers use ______________.


correlational research

random assignment – correct

variable manipulation

Which term means knowledgeable, rational, and voluntary agreement from study participants?


informed consent – correct


verbal consent

At the center of the bioecological model is the ______.



individual – correct


Which theorist believed that people progress through a series of psychosexual stages?

Ivan Pavlov

Sigmund Freud – correct

Erik Erikson

B. F. Skinner

Bandura’s beliefs that physical and social environments influence behavior by stimulating thoughts and emotions describes which philosophy?

operant conditioning

social development theory research

cognitive-developmental theory

informational processing theory

social learning theory – correct

Which term refers to participants who receive the independent variable in a scientific investigation?

experimental group – correct

control group



Knowledgeable, rational, and voluntary agreement to participate in a research study is called ______.

informed consent – correct

subject autonomy



Interaction with physical and social environments has little influence on development.


False – correct

A longitudinal research study follows the same group of participants over many points in time.

True – correct


The principle of justice requires that scientists be accurate, honest, and truthful in their work.


False – correct

Christian gave his teacher an apple, and she was noticeably happy. His classmate Aniq noticed how happy the apple made his teacher, and he wanted to make her happy, too. So, the next day, Aniq brought his teacher an apple. What theoretical viewpoint does this best illustrate?

classical conditioning

social development theory research

cognitive-developmental theory

operant conditioning

social learning theory – correct

In order to remember names, Selena has a strategy where she associates their name with something that describes the person or someone else with the same name she has met before. Selena’s strategy best exemplifies which of the following perspectives?

bioecological systems theory

information processing theory – correct

evolutionary developmental theory

social development theory research

cognitive-developmental theory

In the midst of deprivation, many people still survive. This ability is referred to as ______.

plasticity – correct




Of the following, which is the best description of the nature-nurture issue in the contemporary study of lifespan development?

People are active contributors to their own growth and change.

People tend to grow and change slowly and gradually.

Growth and change in people is due to genetics, evolution, or environment.

Genetics, evolution, and environment interact to influence how people grow and change. – correct