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Focus group Interview – Marketing Research Quiz

The key terms of Marketing Research include Focus group Interview.

A professional interviewer holds a 90-minute discussion with one member of the target market to find out why that respondent purchases a particular brand of clothing. This is an example of a ____.


Focus group

Concept test

Depth interview – correct

Stephanie is asked to look at a picture of a woman sitting on a deserted beach and to describe what was happening in the picture. She is then asked to tell what might happen next. Stephanie is participating in a(n) ____.

Focus blog

Focus interview

Aptitude test

Thematic apperception test (TAT) – correct

Research that addresses research objectives through empirical assessments that involve numerical measurement and analysis approaches is called

Qualitative marketing research

Grounded marketing research

Extensive marketing research

Quantitative marketing research – correct

Which situation is LEAST conducive for qualitative research?

When needing a fresh approach to studying some problem

When trying to better understand a topic you know little about

When learning how consumers use a product in natural settings

When needing conclusive evidence to be drawn from data – correct

When someone is unaware that he is being observed in a shopping mall, this represents what type of observation?


Content analysis


Unobtrusive – correct

A Web site designer is interested in how people look at a Web site. Specifically, she would like to know where they look first when a page comes up. Which mechanical device would be appropriate for determining?

Eye-tracking monitor – correct




Focus group Interview – Marketing Research Quiz

When an airline passenger (who is really an employee of the airline) complains loudly about his not being served a vegetarian meal so that he can note the behavior of the flight attendant in this type of situation, this is an example of what type of observation?


Contrived – correct

Response latency

Content analysis

John is measuring the amount of time it takes for people to make a choice between two options regarding what to select for lunch to infer the strength of their preferences for one alternative over the other. John is measuring response ____.



Latency – correct


When the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry measures the popularity of its children’s exhibits by the frequency of tile replacement in front of exhibits, it is using what type of observation?

Response latency analysis

Contrived analysis

Physical-trace analysis – correct

Content analysis

Betsy and six other women are participating in a research study that is an unstructured, free-flowing interview. The researcher asked the group their feelings about hair care products in general and asked them to discuss these freely. Betsy is participating is ____.

Depth interview

Grounded research study

Focus group interview – correct

Case study

When Walgreen’s uses cables across the road as “traffic counters” to determine the density of traffic near a possible retail store location, this is an example of what type of observation?

Human observation

Contrived observation

Mechanical observation – correct

Content analysis

 When a researcher counts the number of females who have appeared on the cover of Newsweek during the past decade, the researcher is engaging in ____.

Ethnic analysis

Content analysis – correct

Contrived analysis

Indirect analysis

All of the following are observable phenomena EXCEPT:

Spatial relations and locations

Neurological activity

Verbal behavior

Attitudes – correct

When the researcher must extract meaning from open-ended responses, the results are:


Subjective – correct



When drivers are unaware that a machine is recording how many cars pass a certain intersection that is being considered for a site for a new Wendy’s franchise, this is an example of a(n):

Obtrusive method

Unobtrusive method – correct

Exploratory research study