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United States Hospitals

The key terms of this Healthcare & Nursing course include United States Hospitals.

The majority of hospitals in the United States are what type?

Community hospitals

Exercise and aerobic classes offered by city recreation departments would be classified as what type of services?

Health Promotion services

A nursing home which provides the level of care closest to hospital care is called a

Skilled nursing facility

Nursing facility services are provided by medicaid-certified nursing homes, which primarily provide which types of services?

All of these are correct

Privately funded long-term care providers that are regulated y federal and/or state governments include which of the following

All of these are correct

The use of electronic communication and information technologies to provide or support clinical care at a distance is known as which of the following


A new method currently being used to create prosthetics, orthopedic, implants, and lab equipment, such as pipettes and minifuge rotors is which of the following?

3-D Printing

One of the most important ways of improving the delivery of patient care and producing optimum outcomes is through the use of which of the following?

Modern Equipment

Some of the medical technology available includes products use to do which of the following?

All of these correct

Which of the following best describes the actions of biomedical engineers?

They research and develop new medical equipment

To sustain their careers over time, healthcare practitioners must be prepared to act in a professional manner. Which of the follow examples would NOT display professionalism?

Talking about a patient in the presence of another patient

Which of the follow best describes ethics?

All of these are correct

What are the two types of healthcare teams?

Functional and patient-centered

The common core of knowledge required for healthcare professionals include which of the following?

All of these are correct

How many hours of continuing medical education must a physician assistant (PA) complete every two years?

100 Hours

Beginning in 2014, how often must a PA pass a re- certification examination or complete an alternative program combining learning experiences and a take-home examination?

Every 2 years

In what settings would PAs provide the most health care for patients and consult with the supervising physician and other medical professionals as needed or required by law?

Inner-city clinics

Opportunities for PAs will be best in states that offer which of the follow to PAs?

Wider scope of practice

What is the projected rate of employment growth for a physician assistant from 2012-2022?

B. 30%

Classroom instruction for PA’s includes which of the following courses?

All of these are correct

There is the expectation that employment for physician assistants will continue to rise because of which of the following?

PA’s are cost effective

Some of the qualifications a dental laboratory technician needs to perform their job duties include which of the following?

All of these are correct

Entry level educational requirements for a dental hygienist include which of the following?

A. A degree from an accredited for a dental hygiene school

Most full time dentists work how many hours per week?


Which of the following duties will be a pharmacotherapist perform?

All of these are correct

Which of the following are NOT factors that will continue to spur demand for pharmacists through the 2014 projection period?

Increased coverage by health insurance plans

How many years does the PharmD program generally take to complete

4 years

Which of the following positions generally receives prescription requests, counts tablets, and labels bottles?

Pharmacy technicians