Natural Resource and Earth Resource

This is Lab report about natural and earth resource, also discussed renewable and nonrenewable resource.

To answer the questions that follow, use this list of some natural resources that humans use.

  • bamboo and fast-growing trees
  • coal
  • natural gas
  • solar power
  • wind power

For each listed resource, state if it is a renewable resource or nonrenewable resource.

bamboo and fast-growing treesrenewable
natural gasnon-renewable
solar powerrenewable
wind powerrenewable

Pick one renewable resource from the list, and explain why it is considered renewable.

Solar poweris a renewable resource from the list above. It is considered renewable resource because it cannot be exhausted like fossil fuels. Solar energy is a sustainable and free source of energy. When we produce electricity from solar energy it does not emit any greenhouse gases.

Pick one nonrenewable resource from the list, tell how it is used for energy, and explain why it is considered nonrenewable.

Coal is one of the non-renewable resources of energy. This is one of the fossil fuels which is formed from the remains of plants and animals buried in the ground for millions of years. This resource is completely exhaustible and it is in limited stock in planet earth.

The hypothetical island country of Gilder lies in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of France. Demographers have studied Gilder for the past 50 years. At the beginning of the study, Gilder had a population of 20 million. The demographers have measured birth and death numbers, as well as immigration and emigration numbers, as shown in the data table.

From the data,

Calculate the population of Gilder for each 10-year period by filling in the Population (NO) and Population (Nt) columns in the data table. Use this formula to do your calculations:

Population size:
Nt = No + (B + I) – (D + E)
initial population = 20,000,000

YearBirthsDeathsImmigrantsEmigrantsPopulation (No)Population (Nt)

Answer this question: Which of the following might reasonably explain the change in Gilder’s population? Explain your choice of answer(s).

  • prosperous economy only
  • improved health care only
  • prosperous economy along with improved health care
  • neither a prosperous economy nor improved health care

My choice would be prosperous economy along with improved health care. Due to better and improved health care death rates decreased. Immigration increased and emigration decreased due to a prosperous economy. Therefore change in Gilder’s population happened due to prosperous economy along with better and improved healthcare.

Use the graph to fill in the missing temperature, salinity, and density values on the table.

Natural Resource and Earth Resource

In which zone can rooted plants be expected to be found attached to the seafloor? What is the name of this zone, and why are plants found there?

The name of the zone where rooted plants can be found attached to the seafloor is Benthic zone. It is the lowest level on ocean and lake floor including the seabed. Plants can be attached to the ocean floor in this zone if due to shallow water sunlight to could reach them. Plant that could be found in Benthic zone include Mangroves, Eel Grass, , Turtle Grass, etc.

In which zone are turbidity currents found? What are these currents, how do they flow, and what causes them?

When mud and sand get loosened on the continental shelf, by earthquakes, and eventually slopes collapse. Those disturbances produce turbidity currents. These currents, pick up sediments and increase speed and could rush downwards like an avalanche.