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Genuine & False Memories – Philosophy

In this Philosophy lesson, we discuss genuine & false memories.

Locke believes that he is identical to a person who saw the River Thames flood last year because

he has the same soul as that person

others have told him so

he has the same consciousness as a person who saw it overflow – Correct

he saw himself in an old photo

it makes him feel good to believe it

Butler argued that there is a difference between genuine memories and false memories.. Real memories recall things that really happened to you and false memories do not.. He thought this is a problem for the Psychological Criterion of the self because

the Psychological Criterion proposes that the test for someone’s being you is genuine memory, but the test for being something’s being a genuine memory is that it really happened to you – Correct

you can’t tell the difference between genuine memories and false memories

of the shopping mall experiment

people are just too forgetful

psychologists have proven that it is really easy to instill false memories

Phineas Gage lost

his tamping iron

his memories

his personality – Correct

his lunch

his arm

According to the Bundle Theory,

we are creatures of pure intellect and reason

there is no true continuity of the self through time, just a kind of pragmatic identification – Correct

you are an unchanging soul

every part of you works in unison with every other part

Buddhism is wrong about the nature of self

If the Bundle Theory is right, then you are like

a number, a property, or a proposition

the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

earth, wind, and fire

blood, sweat, and tears

a sports team, an army, or a rock band – Correct

True or false? According to Behaviorism, terms like “pain” or “happy” or “blue” do NOT refer to any inner mental states. In fact, there aren’t really any “mental” states at all.

True -Correct


True or false? One objection to behaviorism is that there is NO difference between saying and asserting something.


False – Correct

According to mind-brain identity theory a mental state like “seeing something blue,” is______.

a nonphysical state that is separable from the body

a collection of behaviors like saying “that object is blue” and pointing toward the sky when asked for an example of something blue

a pattern of neural activity in the visual cortex – Correct

part of an elaborate bit of software that runs in your brain

According to Hales, which of the following are objections to mind-brain identity theory. This is a multiple select problem with one or more correct answers. Select all that apply.

The subjectivity of experience – Correct

Emotions wouldn’t be possible

Multiple realizability – Correct

The problem of other minds

There can be mental states without behavior

True or false? Bees and humans see the color “yellow” in the same way.


False – Correct

Kagan adopts the deprivation account of death. This is the view that what is centrally bad about death is that it deprives you of the goods of life you might otherwise be getting had you not died. 



According to Kagan, the value of immortality does not logically follow from the deprivation account of death.

True – Correct


Kagan thinks the question of whether the value of immortality logically and necessarily follows from the deprivation account of death determines whether it would in fact be good if we were immortal.


False – Correct

The philosopher Bernard Williams thought that no kind of life would be desirable and attractive forever because

He feared punishment in the afterlife

He had a bad attitude

He likes singing Psalms

Every kind of life lived forever would become tedious and worse – Correct

According to Kagan, if we decide immortality is a bad thing, then it is good that we each die exactly when we do.


False – Correct

Kagan does not think periodic memory loss would make immortality desirable because

Because without memories the person who survives a thousand years later will be completely unlike how he is currently

Because without his memories he wouldn’t be the same person – Correct

Because he would rather be lobotomized

Memory loss is inherently bad