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Strategic Plans – Human Resources Planning & Management

The key terms in this Human Resources course include Human Resources Planning And Management, Strategic Plans, Personnel, HRP, Strategic Planning, CFO, CEO, Board of Directors.

Short-term and long-range HR demand forecasts only provide half of the staffing equation by answering the question ʺHow many employees will we need?ʺ


A Markov analysis can be used to forecast internal labour supply.


Failure to update skills and management inventories can lead to present employees being overlooked for job openings.


To project the supply of outside candidates, employers assess general economic conditions.


Exchanging ideas without face-to-face interaction is a characteristic of the nominal group forecasting technique.


Managerial judgment is central to qualitative forecasting, but plays only a small role in quantitative forecasting techniques.


External supply is one source of human resources supply.


Specific strategies must be formulated to balance supply and demand considerations.


Canada faces a long-term labour shortage. Many employers are seeking strategies to increase the workforce participation of:

A) people with disabilities.
B) women.
C) older workers. correct
D) aboriginal peoples.
E) visible minorities.

Many employers are seeking strategies to set aside stereotypes and prejudice that older workers:

A) do not want to try new things.
B) are less productive.
C) are resistant to change.
D) are difficult to work with.
E) all of the above. correct

Although flexible work arrangements have traditionally been associated with improving work/life balance, they are increasingly seen as part of a ________.

A) compressed workweek
B) telecommuting plan
C) business strategy correct
D) flextime plan
E) departmentʹs overhead

You have just been hired as the Director of Human Resources at Greenlight Inc., a mid sized Canadian furniture manufacturer. You are considering implementing compressed workweeks. The following would be a potential advantage of implementing this at Greenlight:

A) decreased willingness of workers to work some evenings/weekends.
B) reduction in absenteeism.
C) improved efficiency, reduction in absenteeism, and reduction in paid overtime. correct
D) reduction in paid overtime.
E) improved efficiency and reduction in absenteeism.

Other employers are switching to a plan that they call flexyear. Flexyear is when:

A) two or more employees can share a single full-time job.
B) employees work four ten-hour days instead of the more usual five eight-hour days.
C) employees work from home.
D) employeesʹ flexible workdays are built around a core of midday hours.
E) employees can choose the number of hours that they want to work each month over the next year. correct

One of the most innovative ways to manage the coming labour shortage is through the use of flexible work arrangements.


Flextime is a plan whereby employeesʹ flexible workdays are built around a core of midday hours.