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Laboratory Scientist, Magnetic Resonance

The key terms of this Healthcare & Nursing course include Magnetic Resonance, Laboratory Scientist.

Which of the following is projected to remain the principal employer of diagnostic medical sonographers?


Completed by the cardiovascular technician, a basic electrocardiograph (EKG) requires which of the following?

The attachment of electrodes to the patient’s chest.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) both use nonionizing radio frequencies to generate image contrast.


The technologists who assist physicians in the diagnosis of disorders affecting circulation are known as which of the following?

Vascular Technicians

______________ utilize a solution that the patient must drink, allowing visualization of soft tissues in the body.


All states are mandated by the federal government to require licensure of radiologic technologists.


Which technologist administers radiopharmaceuticals to patients and then monitors the characteristics and functions of tissues in which the drug localizes?

Nuclear medicine technologists

Two specialty areas for nuclear medicine technologists are cardiology and obstetrics / gynecology.


A ______________ is a technician who is responsible for calculating the dose of radiation that is used in a cancer treatment.


During a cardiac catheterization procedure, the cardiovascular technologist is responsible for which of the following?

Monitoring the patient for signs of arrhythmia

Which of the following degree requirements is needed for a librarian in most public academic, and specialty libraries?

Master of Library Science Degree

Which of the following skill set is needed in order to work as a medical transcriptionist?

All of these are correct

Which association offers credentialing for medical coders?

All of these are correct

What is the median salary of health information technicians employed in nursing care facilities?


Which employment field would a health information technician most likely have the highest annual salary?

Surgical hospital

Who typically performs laboratory tests?

Laboratory Scientist

What does the clinical scientist do with the results after testing and examining a specimen?

Relay the results to the physician