Gradient And Pencil Tool Of Adobe Illustrator – Computer Skills

This quiz is about Gradient And Pencil Tool Of Adobe Illustrator – Computer Skills.

Change Pencil Tool Options to make it more even and less precise

-Double click on the Pencil tool to open the options
-In the Pencil Tool Options, move the slider to Smooth. CLICK OK.


Spacing between the lines of text

Gestalt Principle

Whole is greater then the sum or parts

Lighten the text color to a specified tint

-The selection that needs to be lightened is already made for you
-Open the Color Panel and Adjust the tint to the % given.

Identify Fonts

-Sans Serif
For these you want to go onto Illustrator and try them out

Drag and Drop the terms in the order; top to bottom; that the development process should follow

In Order
1) Planning
2) Designing
3) Building
4) Testing

RGB Value for White


Convert image into 16 color image trace and convert into paths

-Image is already selected. Select 16 Colors from the drop down menu next to the image trace button.
-Click Expand from the Option Bar to convert to paths
-Your image will be full of paths and anchor points
-The image should change

Save a graphic as a Symbol

-Select the graphic you want to save a symbol with the black arrow
-Open the Symbols Panel from the dock
-Click New Symbol at the bottom of the panel
– Name the symbol as specified in the directions
-Click OK

Raster Effect that can be found in Illustrator Effects

-Drop Shadow

Collapse all Panels but open the Color Panel. Then create a new workspace and Name the workspace.

-Close all the open panels
-Open the Color Panel
-Select New Workspace from the dropdown menu under Essentials
-Type the name in the new workspace dialog box and Click OK

Project Scope Statement

-Gives clear and specific expectations for a project

Save for Web in a format that supports millions of colors and transparency

-File>Save for Web
-Preset selected should be GIF Web palette and Transparency box should be checked
-Click SAVE at the bottom of the Save for Web dialog box. Then save in with the specified file name and location

Create a New Layer and move objects to the new layer

-Create a New Layer
-Hold Shift and Select Both Objects
-Drag the objects to the new layer

Tool Identification

Be able to Identify Tools in a matching question

Profile preset that changes Color Mode to something other then RGB when creating New Documents

-Memorize that CMYK is for print and that will help you!

Delete a Guide

-View>Guides>Clear Guides

Group Isolation Mode

-You are able to edit objects in a group while seeing objects outside of the group


-Runs over the edge of the Artboard to the edge of the page when printed

Make the text 3-D and set the extrude depth to 12 pt

-Black Arrow > Select the text
-Effect > 3-D > Extrude and Bevel
-In the Options dialog box set the extrude depth to 12 pt. Click OK.

Advantage of Vector Graphics

-Smaller File Size
-Images can be resized without loss of quality

Type > Create Outlines

-Create outlines you don’t have to include a copy of the front with the artwork

Fully Justify Selected text and apply a leading of 12pt

-The text will be selected
-Click Paragraph on the Optinos bar and Select Justify all Lines from the drop down menu
-Click Character on the Options Bar and adjust the leading to 12pt

Change the Color Setting to Monitor Color

-Edit > Color Settings
-In the Color Settings dialog box change the Settings to Monitor Color and CLICK OK

Apply a blue (C=80, Y=0, M=0, K=0) Droop Shadow Effect to a Selection

-The selection is already made for you
-Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow
-In the Drop Shadow dialog box click on the box of color to open the color picker
-Type the color specifications in the color picker dialog box. Click OK. Click OK in Drop Shadow dialog box.

Anchor Points are used to connect

-This is a multiple choice question. Choose which one is true.

Layers Pane Identification

-Go on Illustrator and study the Panel

Select a Slice and Save it as a PNG (with Transparency) so it is a single web graphic

-Select the Slice with the black arrow
-File > Save for Web
-In the dialog box:
-Select the PNG file type
-Check the box next to Transparency
-Next to Export choose select slices
-Click SAVE and save the file.

Identification Question

-Smooth Anchor Point
-Corner Anchor Point
-Direction Point
-Direction Line

Create a New Document Startup Profile

-File > New
-Type the File Name
-Show the Advanced drop down menu
-Select Medium from Raster Effects
-Click OK
-Then File > Save As and Save the file in the document profiles folder.
-PER MJ this is how you do it.

Live Corners

This is a very confusing question. It is a star and it asks you round all of the corners evenly.
-MJ says you take the white arrow and double click on an anchor point to activate Live Corners. Hold shift and select all the live corners at once.
-Then drag to the center
-OR you can try
-If you go up in the options bar there is a corners link and you click on it. MJ said she adjusted the corners but when I did it, it did nothing!
-Good Luck!

Specific Tools to Identify

-Lasso Tool
-Free Transform Tool
-Art board Tool
-Gradient Tool

Export high quality PSD (Photoshop) only export artboard 1,2,3 and set the resolution to High (300ppi)

-File > EXPORT. Save as type: PSD. Check Use Artboards. Select Range. Type 1-3
-In Export Options Dialog box change the resolution to High. Click OK.

In the New Document Profile menu which file type uses points as measurement?

-Back RGB (also defaults to points)
This is a multiple choice question. I did not have this question. I feel like basic RGB was most likely not a choice and the answer is print but keep both of those options in mind because either could be correct.

Separate the layer and place on top of main layer

-In the layers tab select the main layer.
-Click in the upper right corner
-Select Release Layers (sequence)
-Then drag individual layers on top of the first layers

Change the Gradient in a Symbol

-Symbol is select but it is small and can be missed in the busy design so pay attention
-I did not have this question but generally when the symbol is selected, you need to select edit symbol from the options bar.
-If you get a dialog box, CLICK OK
-Then you will change the style in the options bar to type given in the question (Silver Ribbon) Click on the arrow from the dropdown menu
-If you roll over the options in the drop down menu it will give you their names.

Blend Question

-The question tells you to Blend specific layers in a group of layers using specified steps
-First open the layers panel (if not open)
-Find the group of layers given in the question and click on the drop down arrow to show the layers in that group
-Hold shift and select both layers in the layers panel.
-Double click on the Blend Tool to open blend tool options
-Select Specified Steps and Type the number of steps given in the question

Blend Question continued

-Use the blend tool to create the blend between the two select objects (You don’t have to select objects just click on them to make the blend)
-Click on the first space on the left side next to the layer you want to make visible and an eyeball will appear.

Enable the Link option

-In a document in which you have placed otyher Illustrator files, will allow you to edit the artwork from the other files in the new document
(This is a multiple choice question)

Image Trace Panel

-Panel that is used convert bitmapped photographic artwork into editable vector artwork
(Multiple Choice Question. A scenario is given.)

Two circumstances when you can use an image that is not your own.

-The photographer gives you permission to use it
-The picture is from the US National archives and its in the public domain.
(Multiple Choice. This is a scenario question that tells you to chose two.)

Important Information to know when developing a design for a business

-Target audience (Who the clientele/customers will be)
-Theme of the business
(Multiple Choice/Scenario Question)

Opacity Mask

-With an image in a lower layer and text in a layer above it, this mask type is used to make the image from the lower layer show through the letters of the text on the layer above it.
(Multiple Choice)
HINT: Its not clipping mask because you aren’t putting the image in the letters. It is showing through the letters

Show rulers and change the unit of measurement to picas

-View>Show ruler
-Right click on the ruler and select the unit given in the question
(This is a interface question. The teacher who gave me this question thinks they were asking you to change it to picas)


The space between specific pairs of characters

Convert Anchor Point to smooth

-Select anchor point
-Convert to Smooth in Options panel

Use the Eyedropper Tool to change the color

Copy and Paste a Layer

Bezier corner

-Asks for 2 facts about these types of corners
-Corners made up of many lines
-Corners made up of many points
-Two other questions don’t remember though
-Select anchor point and change to Bezier corner
-It was a 3 sided shape and the top point on the shape needed to be changed

Rule of Thirds

Nine equal sections divided by two equally spaced horizontal and two equally spaced vertical lines

Transform Panel

-Used to rotate, sheer and scale an object
(Multiple Choice Question)

Opacity Mask Interface Question

-Tip from a student if it says something about layers. Go in layers panel and its already made. Just click on the eyeball next to layer its on to make it visible.

If you get a Gradient question and the gradient panel doesn’t work. Try the gradient tool.

If you see a red plus sign

If means that there is more text and the text box needs to be larger to display it.

Change the fill and stroke of an object