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Weather, La Niña, Warm Winters, Marine Climate, Tropical Region – Quiz 9

The key terms in this Earth Science course include Weather, La Niña, Warm Winters, Marine Climate, Tropical Region, Temperatures, Steppe, precipitation, West Coast, Highland, Current, Zone, Ocean, Wind, Salt, Climatic Zone, Earth Science.

What sort of weather conditions might exist during La Niña?

  • warm winters in southeast – correct
  • mudslides in California
  • droughts in Australia
  • floods in Africa

Which of the following best describes a marine climate?

  • cold winters and hot summers
  • warm winters and cool summers – correct
  • warm temperatures year-round
  • cold temperatures year-round

What is the name of a tropical region that has a distinct wet and dry season?

  • desert
  • steppe
  • savanna – correct
  • tundra

Douglas fir, redwood, spruce, and cedar are trees adapted to survive in areas with heavy precipitation.

In which climatic zone would these trees be found?

  • Mediterranean
  • marine west coast – correct
  • steppes
  • humid subtropical

Which of the following describes why highland regions are colder than the surrounding regions?

  • Highland regions are found in higher latitudes.
  • Highland areas are far from large bodies of water.
  • Ocean currents stabilize the climate in highland regions.
  • Temperature decreases with altitude. – correct

Why are areas along the west coast of California cooler than you would expect for their latitude?

  • A cold ocean current travels along the coast. – correct
  • These areas are far from a large body of water.
  • A warm ocean current travels along the coast.
  • These areas are at higher altitudes.

When analyzing tree rings, what do scientists assume a thin ring indicates?

  • a year that was warm or dry
  • a year that was cool or dry – correct
  • the year that was wet or cool
  • a year that was warm or wet

Marine Climate & La Niña

Very cold periods in earth’s history resulted in which of the following?

  • sunspots
  • deposits of pollen
  • tree rings
  • glaciers – correct

Climatic regions are classified according to temperature and __________.

Which phrase best completes the sentence?

  • precipitation – correct
  • distance from bodies of water
  • altitude
  • ocean currents

Meteorologists studying the change in a region’s precipitation over a 20-year period are studying the region’s __________.

Which term best completes the sentence?

  • resources
  • pollution
  • weather
  • climate – correct

Although Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are located at nearly the same latitude, Milwaukee’s average high temperature for July is four degrees lower than that of Sioux Falls.

Which of the following best explains the reason for this difference?

High Temprature Sioux Falls, Milaukee, Ocean Weather, Climate
  • Sioux Falls is in the path of most midlatitude cyclones.
  • Milwaukee is located near the Gulf Stream.
  • Sioux Falls is located in the rain shadow of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Lake Michigan has a moderating effect on Milwaukee’s temperatures. – correct

Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?

  • carbon dioxide
  • methane
  • water vapor
  • oxygen – no response given – correct