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Middle Layer Of The Sun- Astronomy

This chapter is about Middle Layer Of The Sun- Astronomy

center of the sun


joining of hydrogen atoms to form helium

nuclear fusion

A region of the sun with tightly packed gas where enery moves mainly in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

radiation zone

outermost layer of the sun’s interior

convection zone

The sun’s layers, from innermost to outermost, are the core, ____, and convection zone

radiation zone

Inner layer of the sun’s atmosphere. This is considered to be the sun’s surface layer.


You see the ___ when you look at an image of the sun.


layer of the sun’s atmosphere that has a reddish glow. This is the middle layer of the sun’s atosphere.


Layer of the sun’s atmosphere that looks like a white halo during an eclipse


What is included in the interior layers of the sun?

radiation zone
convection zone

What is included in the atmosphere of the sun?


stream of electrically charged particles from the sun

solar wind

areas of gas on the sun’s surface that are cooler than the areas around them

sun spots

Huge loops of gas that link different parts of sunspot regions are called ___.


eruptions that occur when the loops in sunspot regions suddenly connect

solar flare

Features on or just above the sun’s surface include…

solar flares

The corona sends out a stream of charged particles called the ___.

solar winds

Why do sunspots look darker than the rest of the sun’s photosphere?

Sunspots are areas of gas on the sun’s surface that are cooler than the gases around them. Cooler gases don’t give off as much light as hotter gases, which is why sunspots look dark.

How is solar wind related to magnetic stomrs on Earth?

Near the north & south poles, electrical particles from the sun can enter the Earth’s atmosphere. There, they create powerful electric currents that caus gas molecules in the atmosphere to glow.