United States Constitution and US Government – History

In this history lesson we discuss United States Constitution and the US Government.

Shays rebellion was a protest by farmers who faced problems from

debts they owed to creditors

The number of states needed to ratify the constitution before it could go into effect

9 out of 13 / 75%

From the time of the declaration of independence until the ratification of the constitution, the United States functioned without

a president.

Under the articles of confederation each states power in congress was based on

1 vote per state

The system that maintains the separation of powers among the branches of the federal government is called

checks and balances

The articles of confederation gave the national government the power

power to declare war

The great compromise was an agreement on how to

to determine a states representation on congress.

One of the accomplishments of the north western ordinates of 1787 was to

establish requirements for admitting new states to the union

Adding a bill of rights to the constitution was largely supported by

the antifederalists

In the debate between large and small states the large states were those with the most


A republic is a government in which

citizens rule through elected representatives

Republicanism is the idea

that governments should be based on the consent of the people.

Under the constitution, what are the powers that are specifically held by the national government


John J., James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton were prominent


The anti-federalists were concerned that this type of government might abuse its power


The office of the president of the US was first established in

the constitution

The bill of rights was added to the constitution to

protect personal liberties.

The constitution calls for the president to be elected by vote of

the Electorial college.

The president can veto acts of congress, but congress can override a veto by 2/3’s vote this is an example of

checks and balances

The what of 1787 set the requirements for admitting new states to the union


Delegates to the 1787 constitutional convention agreed to count how many of a state’s slaves as part of the population


A confederation is

an alliance

Rodger Sherman’s proposal for a two house congress known as the _______ finally satisfied the large the small states


The new system of government was a form of ______ that divided power between the states and the national government


The 3/5 Compromise called for 3/5s of a states ________ to be counted as population


All of the following are guaranteed by the first amendment

Freedom of religion, speech, press

Delegates established a system of ______ to prevent any one federal branch from domination any other branch


the states did not show support for national issues, such as foreign relations, congress lacked the power to tax to help pay down the national debt, representation on congress was not proportional to the state population

problems under the articles of confederation

shays rebellion contributed to the belief among political leaders that the nation needed a stronger central government

the nation needed a stronger central government