Physical Therapy & Treat Disorders - Psychology

Physical Therapy & Treat Disorders – Psychology

This quiz is about physical therapy and treat disorders of psychology.

Which of the following pharmacists determine and prepare medications needed for nutrition?

Nutrition support pharmacist

Which of the following are not factors that will continue to spur demand for pharmacists throughout the 2024 projection period?

Increased number of hospitals and clinics

Pharmacists with interest and special talent can be engaged in highly specialized tasks such as which of the following?

Magazine editing
Science reporting

In 2014, what percentage of pharmacists worked in a retail setting within the community?


How many years does the PharmD program generally take to complete?

4 years

How many states in the United States require optometrists to be licensed?

all states

The OAT (Optometry Admission Test) consists of which of the following?

four tests

Some of the reasons the job market is very good for the new optometrist include which of the following?

Increasing vision care needs of an aging population

Optometrists are qualified to treat some other diseases that are considered “systemic,” such as diabetes and high blood pressure.


Optometrists are qualified to perform eye surgery.


A speech disorder can be any of the following except:

People who speak a different language

A language disorder is defined as all but which of the following?

Difficulty controlling speech production

Hearing impairment can take many forms. Which of the below are examples of those forms?

inability to hear speech clearly
Inability to understand and use speech to communicate
Inability to hear speech loudly enough

Speech-language pathologists perform which of the following job duties?

Assess and treat swallowing disorders
Diagnose language disorders
Treat and help prevent communication disorders

Speech, language, and swallowing difficulties can result from a variety of causes, including which of the following?

Hearing loss
Emotional problems
Brain injury

Physical therapists treat a variety of patients with different types of problems. Their patients may include which of the following?

Persons with head injuries
Accident victims
People with back pain
People with heart disease

Physical therapists may engage in professional activities such as which of the following?


Which of the following is the goal of physical therapy?

To improve how an individual functions at work and at home

Physical therapist education programs include which of the following?

Clinically based courses
Behavioral science courses
Foundational science courses

Which of the following statements regarding physical therapy assistants and physical therapy aides is true?

Aides usually learn skills on the job, while physical therapy assistants have an Associate degree.

What is the name of the agency that accredits postsecondary physical therapy assistantprograms?

Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)

Which of the following statements about occupational therapists is not true?

They prescribe medications to help patients deal with disabilities.

Typical job duties of an occupational therapy aide would include which of the following?

Scheduling appointments and answering the telephone
Restocking or ordering depleted supplies
Prepare materials and assemble equipment

Applicants to occupational therapy assistant programs can improve their chances of admission by doing which of the following?

Volunteering in nursing care facilities
B. Taking high school courses in biology and health
C. Volunteering in occupational therapy offices

Which of the following professional roles focuses on improving athletic performance or treating muscle or bone injuries?

athletic trainers

Which health professional uses rehabilitative exercises, reconditioning, and physical education to treat patients who have problems moving in any way?


Prior to 2015, what was the minimum requirement for athletic trainers?

bachelors degree

Employment of athletic trainers is projected to grow 21% from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations, because of their role in preventing injuries and reducing healthcare costs.


Athletic trainers that work in a sports setting typically have schedules that are more flexible and they tend to work fewer hours overall.


In 2015, the Athletic Trainers Strategic Alliance made the decision to require a master’s degree for all entry-level athletic trainers.


Which of the statements below best describes the field of mental health professionals?

Working with patients to prevent, diagnose, and treat mental disorders

Psychology is best defined by which of the following?

A scientific approach to gathering, quantifying, analyzing, and interpreting data on why people act as they do

The field of psychology offers a number of specializations. These include which of the following?

A. Clinical psychology
B. Engineering psychology
C. School and social psychology
D. Rehabilitation psychology

As distinguished from psychiatry, which is a branch of medicine, psychology is a nonmedical science.


Substance abuse counselors are also called addiction counselors.


What is the most common entry-level degree necessary for social workers?

Bachelor’s degree

Social workers assist people by helping in many ways. Which of the below are examples of ways they help others?

Helping them cope or solve issues with family and dealing with relationships.
B. Helping people who are facing disability.
C. Helping those with substance abuse problems.

Social workers may be employed in a variety of settings, including which of the following?

A. Child welfare agencies
B. Colleges and universities
C. Hospitals

A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement for social and human service assistants, but employers often seek individuals with relevant work experience or education beyond high school.


High pay and reasonable workloads cause many workers to stay in this occupation, creating few opportunities for new workers entering the field.


Which of the following is the minimum requirement to be eligible for the Certified Genetic Counselor licensure examination?


Genetic counselors perform the following duties as part of their job.

all are correct

What is the expected percentage of increase in jobs from 2014 to 2024?


The increase in jobs for genetic counselors between 2014 and 2024 would represent approximately how many new job openings?


According to a 2012 survey from the National Society of Genetic Counselors, approximately two-thirds of genetic counselors work in traditional areas of genetic counseling: prenatal, cancer, and pediatrics.


Genetic counselors need a strong science background and the ability to explain complex information in a way that can be understood by people without a science background.


Public awareness of the genetic basis for disease and scientific advances in reproductive technologies has increased the demand for genetic counselors.


Health services managers are employable in areas such as outpatient clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and dentist offices.


The chief executive officer (CEO) provides overall management direction but is also concerned with community outreach, planning, policy-making, and response to government agencies and regulations.


In a large community hospital, the healthcare administrator is responsible for day-to-day management of the service units.


Associate or assistant administers may be responsible for budget and finance, depending on the size of the facility.