USA War History & Reformation Theses

This chapter covers USA War History and Reformation theses.

Martin Luther

started reformation (wrote the 95 Theses

95 theses

against indulgences the church sold

Gold, God, glory

reasons why the Europeans explored

Line of demarcation

line splitting world between Portugal and Spain

Columbian exchange

exchange between Columbus and Indians of diseases

Henry VIII

part of reformation; separated from Roman Catholic Church and started church of England

Elizabeth I

Great Queen-probably not on Test

Ferdinand and Isabella

financed Columbus’ trip to “India”-Spain

Triangular trade

slaves sold to America for raw materials these materials shipped to England

Enlightenment or age of reason

when they started thinking for themselves and relied on reason and logic


Things are starting to become more automated; it went from rural living to towns and cities; a time of invention, creativity, and an increase of production

French Estates

Church first estate, Nobility second estate,Peasants third estate

Louis XVI

he was beheaded by the guillotine

Marie Antoinette

guillotined Louis XVI’s wife


most infamous leader in French revolution

Bastille day

Beginning of the French Revolution Stormed the prison at Bastille

Napoleon Bonaparte

took over France, made it better, and was a dictator, sought to take over the world


Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at this battle

Napoleonic code

greatest achievement that made France so much better

Congress of Vienna (1815)

Countries get together and redraw the boundaries; to restore the old monarchies, to restore peace

Crimean War impact

France thought itself much more powerful than it was,
Romanticized, “the Battle of the light brigade”
Florence Nightingale

Age of Imperialism

the expansion that led to more power given to the countries that owned the most colonies.
In comes the racist “White Man’s Burden”

WWl Main Causes

militarism developed big armies, nationalism a pride for one’s colony, imperialism the gaining of colonies you needed to protect them, alliances partnership during war

Woodrow WIlson

president of USA during this war

League of Nations

where countries would join in alliances with each other, USA never joined

Treaty of versailles

blamed Germany and hurt Germany w/ war guilt clause

Black Tuesday

when stock market crashed


little cardboard cities during depression

Bonus Army

March of WWII veterans that wanted their promised money early to help themselves during the depression


homeless man

Cause and Effect

too many goods, crash of stock market, etc.


dictator of the USSR


president of the United States during WWll


Fascist leader of Italy


German dictator


led the Pearl Harbor attack


British Prime minister during WWII


Lightning war, when Germans came all at once and surprised (BRITISH?)


where anybody with boats came to the rescue of British ships and soldiers

Pearl Harbor

US Bombed December 7, 1941

Battle of Britain

Germans Bombing of Britain


sea battle, when the USA won, and was the turning point during war for the USA we sunk four of the (Japanese?) carriers


“You shall not pass”, says Russia


assault on the Normandy beaches

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

US ATOMIC bombing on Japan


Killing of Jews