Study of Human Physical Health-Psychology

Study of Human Physical Health-Psychology

In This Lesson We Study About Study of Human Physical Health-Psychology

It was _____ who opened the first psychology laboratory in _____.

Wilhelm Wundt; 1879 – correct

Margaret Floy Washburn; Washington, D.C.

Sigmund Freud; Vienna

Carl Jung; 1922

Psychology is formally defined as:

the treatment of mental illness.

the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. – correct

the scientific investigation of unconscious mental processes.

the study of human problems.

Who would have been most likely to say: “Why you behave the way you do is because of unconscious reasons, not reasons in your consciousness”?

John B. Watson

Abraham Maslow

Sigmund Freud – correct

William James

Sigmund Freud:

believed that conscious thoughts were more important than unconscious drives. – correct

founded humanistic psychology.

successfully treated William James for major depression.

believed that experiences in early childhood were critical in the formation of adult personality.

Behaviorism was characterized by:

a narrow focus upon consciousness and conscious experience.

a focus upon the importance of free will and self-determination.

the rejection of consciousness as a topic in psychology and a focus upon observable behavior. – correct

an emphasis upon the unconscious determinants of personality.

“My goal is to discover how behavior is acquired and modified in response to environmental influences.” Such a statement would most likely be made by:

Carl Rogers

John B. Watson – correct

Albert Ellis

Sigmund Freud

Two key figures in the development of humanistic psychology include:

Sigmund Freud and B. F. Skinner.

John Watson and B. F. Skinner.

Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck.

Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. – correct

Humanistic psychology emphasizes:

the experimental study of overt, observable behaviors.

free will, self-determination, psychological growth, and human potential. – correct

the active role played by mental processes in organizing sensations into meaningful perceptions.

unconscious determinants of personality and behavior.

The development of medications that helped control the symptoms of severe psychological disorders and development of techniques to study the human brain contributed to the importance of _____ psychology in recent decades.




humanistic – correct

The _____ perspective emphasizes studying the physical bases of human beings, including the nervous system and genetics.




biological – correct

The cognitive perspective of psychology focuses on:

the important role of mental processes in how people process information, solve problems, and think. – correct

the diversity of human behavior in different cultural settings and countries.

the motivation of people to grow psychologically, the influence of interpersonal relationships on a person’s self-concept, and the importance of choice and self-direction in striving to reach one’s potential.

how overt behavior is acquired and modified by environmental influences.

Transpersonal psychology emphasizes:

one’s environment in shaping behavior

one’s thoughts as the sole aspect of human psychology

an interconnection between all things – correct

one’s biological makeup as the main predictor of psychological health

What field of psychology focuses on designing programs that promote the intellectual, social, and emotional development of children?




social – correct

Joanna has suffered a series of personal setbacks, including the death of a family member, academic problems in college, and a divorce. She feels so sad, upset, and lonely that she is contemplating suicide. Joanna could probably best be helped by a _____ psychologist.


clinical/counseling – correct



Athletes experience more than the physical demands of the sport, they also potentially have limited thoughts, self-doubt, and beliefs.  To help them move through these limits and achieve greater athletic performance, they could seek support from which type of psychologist?

sports psychologist – correct

forensic psychologist

school psychologist

personality psychologist

A _____ psychologist works with children, their parents/caregivers, teacher and principal to support the child’s emotional, academic, and behavioral well-being.


school – correct



Which type of psychologist helps employers screen applicants, assessing job placement, and employee satisfaction?

organizational psychologist – correct

forensic psychologist

school psychologist

health psychologist

Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers are the founders of cognitive based therapies.


False – correct

Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis are the founders of cognitive based therapies.

Psychiatrists are the only professionals in the field of psychology that can prescribe medication because they are medical doctors.

True – correct


_____ psychologists study who people perceive, judge and interact with others.



Social – correct