Social Contract Theory & US Government – Political Science

Social Contract Theory & US Government – Political Science

This Political science exam is about social contract theory and US government.

What was the significance of the Stamp Act Congress?

It is considered the first official US government.
It was the first time the colonies joined forces to oppose the British. –  correct
It was the first time that all 13 colonies sent representatives to meet.
It was the first time that women were allowed to participate in government in the colonies.

A form of government where power is held by a small group of elites

representative democracy
oligarchy-  correct
direct democracy

Which of the following is NOT a basic concept of American government?

ordered government
autocratic government-  correct
representative government
limited government

The oldest and most common form of government is __________:

dictatorship-  correct

How did colonial legislatures have control over royal governors in the American colonies?

They had the “power of the purse,” which limited the governor’s power. –  correct
They appointed the governor by majority vote.
They had no means of controlling the royal governors.
They could vote to remove the royal governor from office by a majority vote.

Each of the following countries has a democratic government with a unitary structure EXCEPT

Forms of government
Costa Rica
Cuba-  correct

Rule by a single person with absolute power

representative democracy
autocracy-  correct

Which of the following theories stresses family ties as the basis for the origin of the state?

Evolutionary Theory
Force Theory
Social Contract Theory-  correct
Divine Right Theory

What was the most important result of Shays’ Rebellion?

It resulted in the deaths of many Massachusetts farmers.
It forced farmers to pay higher taxes
It was crushed by the US military.
It indicated the need for a stronger national government in the US. –  correct

In a ________, all people participate in government decision-making.

representative democracy
autocracy-  correct
direct democracy

Which of the following is among the purposes of government outlined in the Preamble to the Constitution?

defending the nation against foreign enemies
insuring order and domestic tranquility
promoting the general welfare of the citizens
all of the above-  correct

Which of the following is NOT among the characteristics of a state?

democracy-  correct

What is considered the first example of a social contract in the American colonies?

Magna Carta
Petition of Right
Mayflower Compact-  correct
Declaration of Independence

In a ________, the people exercise their power in government by electing delegates to make decisions on their behalf.

representative democracy-  correct
direct democracy

In the early years of Colonial America, which colonies were the most self-governing?

royal colonies
proprietary colonies-  correct
charter colonies
debtor colonies

A government ruled by religious leaders with laws based on a specific religious doctrine

representative democracy
theocracy-  correct

Our first attempt at a constitution for the United States was the _________.

Stamp Act Congress
First Continental Congress
Articles of Confederation-  correct
Mayflower Compact

Thomas Jefferson was most influenced by the political philosophy of _________ when he wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Karl Marx
John Locke-  correct
Benjamin Franklin

A ____________ is the institution through which a society makes and enforces its public policies.

public policy
government-  correct

Government in which power is limited to a single person or very small group exists in

Forms of government. Social Contract Theory & US Government - Political Science
Cuba. –  correct
Costa Rica.
the United States.

The structure of a(n) ____ requires that power be divided between a state’s central and local levels of government.

Federal Government-  correct
Unitary Government

In a _________ system of government, the chief executive is called a Prime Minister, and he/she is selected by the legislature, not directly by the voters.

Parliamentary-  correct

One major achievement of the national government under the Articles of Confederation was:

It doubled the size of the United States by adding the Western Territories.
It rescued the States from economic depression through tax programs.
It defeated the French in the French and Indian War
It handled Shays’ Rebellion quickly and efficiently. –  correct

The absence of any formal government

Anarchy-  correct

All of the things that the government decides to do are collectively known as _______.

public policies-  correct

What 1215 English document first established that the power of the monarchy was NOT absolute?

Mayflower Compact
Magna Carta-  correct
Petition of Right
English Bill of Rights

Under the Articles of Confederation, the national government had which of the following powers?

Power to regulate trade between States
Power to sign treaties-  correct
Power to tax
Power to establish a national currency

In a _____________, the governor and his advisors were all appointed by the king.

royal colony-  correct
proprietary colony
charter colony
debtor colony

In _________, the government controls all economic factors of production.

Communism-  correct
Federal Government

The government set up by the Articles of Confederation had

no legislative or judicial branch.
only a legislative and an executive branch.
only a legislative branch
only an executive branch-  correct

Private ownership, individual initiative, competition, and profit motive are all cornerstones of ____________.

Capitalism-  correct
Federal Government

The __________ lasted 5 years and is considered to be the first United States government.

The Stamp Act Congress
The First Continental Congress-  correct
The Second Continental Congress
The Virginia House of Burgesses

Which English document was drawn up by Parliament in 1689 to prevent future abuses of power by the English monarchs?

Mayflower Compact
Magna Carta
Articles of Confederation
English Bill of Rights-  correct

Social Contract Theory developed to challenge the idea that

those of royal birth have zero authority to rule.
the people is the true source of political power. –  correct
the head of a family, clan, or tribe has the natural right to govern.
the strongest person or group has the right to control others by force.

Which statement about the social contract theory is NOT true?

The state was created voluntarily by a free people.
The state exists because it was created by God. –  correct
Governmental powers are granted by the people.
Governmental powers may be limited by the people.