Psychology Therapy Exam 7 – Psychology

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Psychology Therapy Exam 7 – Psychology

This exam covers chapter 16 of Psychology Therapy Exam 7 – Psychology.

“In order to help a young boy to overcome his fear of dogs, he is shown films of friendly dogs, and later he is exposed to another child playing and petting a friendly dog. This type of therapy is called”

vicarious desensitization.- correct

In a technique called role reversal, a husband who complained of an uncommunicative wife would

act out the role of his wife in a therapeutic setting.- correct

Freud believed that neuroses

involved all of these.- correct

Which of the following statements regarding media psychologists is FALSE?

Most media psychologists view their work as being as therapeutic as individual counseling sessions. – correct

Which of the following statements regarding deinstitutionalization is/are TRUE?

Many former patients have become homeless or are repeatedly jailed for minor crimes. – correct

When participants receive benefits from sensitivity groups, encounter groups, and awareness groups, which of the following would NOT be a reason for these benefits?”

therapeutic alliance – correct

“When looking in the yellow pages, counselors are usually found under the heading ____; psychiatrists are generally listed under ____.”

Marriage and Family Counselors; Physicians – correct

“A behavior therapist wants to reward a developmentally delayed child for saying a word, but settles at first for getting her to say its first letter sound and then another letter sound, and so on. The therapist is using”

shaping.- correct

“____ therapy involves only one client and one therapist, while ____ therapy involves several clients participating at the same time.”

Individual; group – correct

The principal assumption of behavior modification is that

problems in behavior are learned and can be changed.- correct

Psychotherapy includes all of the following EXCEPT

the use of pharmacotherapy. – correct

Which of the following would a rational-emotive behavior therapist consider an irrational belief that could lead to emotional upset and conflict?

All of these are irrational beliefs.- correct

“In terms of its approach, which of the following types of psychotherapy is considered a non-directive therapy?”

client-centered therapy – correct

Analysis of resistances and transference are standard features of

psychoanalysis.- correct

People with drug addiction may find it nearly impossible to resist the temptations for drug abuse in their daily lives without the use of

hospitalization.- correct

“Currently, psychological services are available through”

all of these.- correct

It is wise to remember when listening to phone-in radio psychologists that

the listener, like any consumer, must beware. – correct

Freud considered the distinction between manifest content and latent content essential for

dream analysis. – correct

The desired behaviors a therapist selects for improvement (which are then reinforced) are called

target behaviors. – correct

“Patients are randomly assigned to a therapy treatment group, while the other patients are placed on a waiting list. If members of this control group, who were placed on a waiting list and received no treatment, improved at the same rate as those in the experimental therapy group, we could conclude that ____ was responsible for improvement of the patients.”

spontaneous remission – correct

Which of the following would be a behavior that would help if you were providing support and counseling to a friend?

using open-ended questioning and supportive statements – correct

Trepanning involves

boring a hole into a person’s skull – correct

The negative impact of shortening psychiatric hospitalization has been to

discharge many chronic patients into hostile communities. – correct

“Tabor, an ex-addict, now works in the mental health program that he once attended. For the new clients coming to this drug program, Tabor , who has “”been there,”” tends to be more approachable than the doctors. Tabor is a”

paraprofessional. – correct

“Problem gamblers suffer from several cognitive distortions related to gambling, including which of the following?”

all of these – correct

The basis for much of the power that groups exert over us involves

group cohesiveness. – correct

Regarding bullying, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Female bullies are more likely to engage in direct aggression, while male bullies tend to specialize in indirect aggression.- correct

A friend asks you to bring dip to a party, and you agree. Then, your friend adds that you need to make at least two quarts of it and bring at least three bowls to serve it in and three bags of chips. This party planner has used which compliance strategy on you?

the lowball technique – correct

Unconscious prejudiced thoughts and feelings about members of other ethnic groups is called

implicit prejudice – correct

In general, helping behavior in emergency situations is discouraged by

being alone or with a passive bystander.- correct

A person has fainted and collapsed on the sidewalk. Latané and Darley suggest that if the sidewalk is crowded, few people will even see the person due to

the widely-accepted norms against staring at others in public.- correct

When we bring our behavior into agreement with the actions, norms, or values of others in the absence of any direct pressure, we are exhibiting

Conformity – correct

According to Sternberg, the form of love that only includes commitment is referred to as

empty love – correct

In a study, a group of women scored lower on math and finance tests after they were reminded that “most women are not good at math.” This illustrates the concept of

stereotype threat.- correct

Your phone rings, and a voice on the line asks if you will answer a short survey about your Internet service. When you agree and spend the next ten minutes answering questions regarding your Internet service, you have just exhibited

compliance.- correct

Abe and Sandy have deep emotional and sexual feelings for each other, which Sternberg referred to as

passion.- correct

Regarding Jane Elliot’s demonstration with blue-eyed and brown-eyed children, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Although the brown-eyed children were being mistreated by Jane Elliot, their academic performance and test scores did not suffer.- correct

In his research on stereotype threat, Steele found that when African-American college students were told that a task to be performed was a test of academic ability, their performance was

worse than the European-American college students.- correct

Assume that a supervisor tells an employee to falsify information for tax purposes. The employee would prefer not to do anything dishonest but is hesitant to disobey. Milgram’s studies suggest the employee will be most likely to disobey if the

supervisor is not a person of particularly high status.- correct

Regarding prejudice and direct experiences, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Prejudices that occur when members of another social group are perceived as a threat to one’s own interests are referred to as group prejudices.- correct

Regarding the relationship between aversive stimuli and aggression, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Aversive stimuli tend to lower one’s arousal levels, making one more likely to aggress.- correct

According to research, prejudice became worse when schools were first integrated due to all of the following factors EXCEPT for the

creation of mutual interdependence – correct

The observation that we are most likely to help someone else when we are able to “feel that person’s pain” is referred to as

the empathy-helping relationship.- correct

Cognitive dissonance theory is based on the human need for

consistency.- correct

A selection committee was interviewing applicants for a new position in the media department of the college. The psychologist on the committee found it very interesting that a majority of the committee believed that the applicant who was a former beauty queen was the most intelligent, likeable, and socially skilled of all the applicants, although two of the other candidates had considerably more education and experience with college publications. The majority of the committee is exhibiting

the halo effect – correct

When members of a group show more mutual affection and when their behavior tends to be more closely coordinated, the members are demonstrating

Groupthink – correct

A “male-chauvinist” boss who vows to change his attitudes quickly reverts to his earlier sexist attitudes because of

long-standing habits – correct

Tony asks his friend Clay how he was able to get his mom to give him $10 for the movies. Clay replies that you first ask for a loan of $25. When she refuses, you then ask if she could at least loan you $10. Clay has learned that which approach works his mom

door-in-the-face effect – correct

Acceptable behavior in most situations is defined by society, as a whole, through the broadest set of

Norms – correct

A degree of uniformity is necessary if we are to interact comfortably with others and to anticipate their behaviors in schools and businesses and when driving on the highways. This degree of uniformity is due to

Conformity – correct

As Dana performs her ice skating program at the Nationals, she begins to feel like she is almost in a trance with time seeming to slow “almost to a crawl.” She feels at one with her performance and flows with it, having complete and perfect control over every movement. According to sports psychologists, Dana is experiencing

peak performance – correct

Most people in restricted environments find that they prefer

solitary pastimes.- correct

Any dial, screen, light, or other device used to provide information about a machine’s activity to a human user is referred to as a(n)

Display – correct

According to studies, juries usually

are influenced by what they think the judge wants – correct

Requiring refundable deposits on glass bottles is a good example of using which of the following to increase recycling?

Incentives – correct

Regarding “flow,” which of the following statements is FALSE?

During flow, the person experiences the subjective feeling that time is speeding up.- correct

Sid has always enjoyed working on his grandfather’s farm and tinkering with engines in the tractors and the other heavy machinery. If Sid were to take an interest inventory, his interest would most likely be within which theme area?

Realistic – correct

Areas of applied psychology include all of the following EXCEPT __________ psychology.

Comparative – correct

Regarding self-managed teams, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Self-managed teams are voluntary discussion groups that come up with suggestions for improvement that are sent to the management for approval – correct

Space that extends about 18 inches out from the skin is referred as __________ distance.

Personal – correct

The key that underlies job enrichment is an increase in the workers’

knowledge. – correct

Sports psychologists are interested in studying factors that affect athletic achievement, such as

all of these – correct

The biodata of an employee would NOT include which of the following?

critical incident profile – correct

The world population is made up of approximately how many people?

seven billion – correct

The artificial sounds engineered into many otherwise quiet electric cars make it easier for pedestrians to detect their presence and illustrates how effective designs provide

feedback.- correct

Regarding scientific jury selection, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Psychologists watch for authoritarian personality traits in potential jurors, since authoritarian personalities do not believe that punishment is effective and often vote for acquittal.- correct

The thinking aloud protocol, in which people are asked to verbalize their thoughts as they use a machine, is an example of

usability testing.- correct

Environmental psychologists are interested in three types of environments. Which of the following is NOT one of these environments?

biological settings – correct

Which is a selection procedure used at an assessment center?

situational judgement test – correct

Work efficiency is to psychological efficiency as

Theory X leadership is to Theory Y leadership.- correct

Regarding ergonomics, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Psychologist Donald Norman referred to successful human factors engineering as intuitive design.- correct

An athlete evaluates his performance and makes adjustments to keep his performance at optimum levels. This athlete is using

self-regulation strategies – correct

Michael is preparing for an important job interview. For several days prior to the interview, he prepared additional copies of his résumé, checked over his portfolio, did additional research about the company he was applying to, selected what he would be wearing the day of the interview, practiced being interviewed by his roommate and in front of a mirror, and left for the interview early. Michael is demonstrating

impression management – correct

Which of the following is NOT a problem observed in jury behavior?

forming an opinion late in the trial after all evidence has been presented – correct

To prevent misusing or underusing your new advanced cell phone, you should do all of the following EXCEPT

try to satisfice by jumping right in and using the phone.- correct