Political System – Introduction to Sociology Exam

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Political System – Introduction to Sociology Exam

The key terms in this Introduction to Sociology course include Political System.

A decline in political participation allows governments to 

become more efficient

become dictatorships

be held to higher standards

operate with less accountability

Which of the following is a social institution founded on a recognized set of procedures for implementing and achieving society’s goals? 

political action committee

interest group

political system

elite group

In a society with leadership based on rational-legal authority, leaders derive their authority from

their exceptional personal or emotional appeal

custom and accepted practice

the written rules and regulations of the political system

threats to use coercion to impose their will on others

Political System – Introduction to Sociology Exam

Traditional authority refers to 

legitimate power conferred by custom and accepted practice

power made legitimate by law

none of these answers is correct

power made legitimate by a leader’s exceptional personal or emotional appeal to his or her followers

What term for government do we use to refer to a small group of individuals who rule?

representative democracy




After a dinner-table argument with his grown children, a man changes his position on the issue of immigrant refugees being granted asylum in the U.S. His children have exercised what kind of power?





Which of the following terms refers to power that has been institutionalized and is recognized by the people over whom it is exercised? 

political efficacy




Which term was used by Max Weber to refer to the ability to exercise one’s will over others?





A particular computer software manufacturer creates a product that all computers are required to use. The exclusive product allows the manufacturer to dictate prices, standards of quality, and product availability. This would be an example of a(n) 





Capitalism is an economic system in which 

the means of production and distribution are collectively owned.

all property is communally owned and no social distinctions are made on the basis of people’s ability to produce

none of these answers is correct

the means of production are largely in private hands, and the main incentive for economic activity is the accumulation of profits