Ocean Currents & Climate – Earth Science Exam

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Ocean Currents & Climate – Earth Science Exam
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Ocean Currents & Climate, Precipitation, Latitude, Prevailing Winds – Earth Science

The key terms in this Earth Science course include Precipitation, Latitude, Prevailing Winds, Ocean Currents, Hawaii, Vegetation, Deep Zone, Currents, Temperature, Salinity, Biome, Rain Forest, Deciduous Forest, Tundra, Permafrost, Biological Precipitation, Chlorofluorocarbon

The type of vegetation that grows in a particular climatic zone is influenced mostly by __________.

Which term best completes the sentence?

  • prevailing winds
  • latitude
  • precipitation – correct
  • ocean currents

Hawaii is located at a relatively low latitude. Prevailing winds blow moist air off the ocean onto its shores.

Because of these factors, much of Hawaii’s vegetation is made up of __________.

Which choice best completes the sentence?

  • dense shrubs and grasses
  • lichens
  • cactus and yucca
  • rain forests – correct

Where would you find the warmest waters?

  • surface-mixed zone – correct
  • polar zone
  • deep zone
  • transition zone

Which of the following is directly related to deep-ocean currents?

  • temperature
  • wind
  • density – correct
  • salinity

Which of the following has a major role regulating global temperatures?

  • oceanic chemistry
  • oceanic salinity
  • ocean layering
  • oceanic currents – correct

Which biome receives too little water to support the growth of trees?

  • taiga
  • rain forest
  • deciduous forest
  • grassland – correct

Animals adapted for lack of water and extremes in temperature are found in which biome?

  • rain forest
  • tundra
  • deciduous forest –
  • desert – correct

Ocean Currents & Climate

What is the frozen soil of the tundra called?

  • savanna
  • canopy
  • understory
  • permafrost – correct

What is the major ion in seawater?

  • chloride – correct
  • magnesium
  • sodium
  • sulfate

Which of the following will increase the salt concentration in seawater?

  • evaporation – correct
  • ice cap melting
  • precipitation
  • runoff

Calcium carbonates are incorporated into the shells of microscopic marine plants and animals, and then precipitated into the ocean sediments.

This process is which of the following?

  • chemical precipitation
  • sediment deposition
  • biological precipitation – correct
  • evaporite deposition

Which of the following is not an example of a naturally occurring greenhouse gas?

  • chlorofluorocarbon – correct
  • nitrous oxide
  • methane
  • water vapor

Wavelengths of incoming solar radiation are __________________ the wavelengths of reradiated heat.

Which term best completes the sentence?

  • twice the size of
  • shorter than – correct
  • faster than
  • the same size as

Which of the following is true of greenhouse gases?

  • They reflect incoming solar radiation.
  • They are all naturally occurring.
  • These exist in fixed quantities.
  • They trap energy in the atmosphere. – correct