Social Movements Exam – Sociology and Communications

Social Movements Exam – Sociology Exam 1

This is sociology exam 1 , testing social movements, digital social campaigns and social norms.

According to Clint Smith in Why We Shouldn’t Forget that US Presidents Owned Slaves, what is power?

The ability to define the experience of a group of people. – correct

What men received when capitalism took hold during the Industrial Revolution.

Marginalized people using subversive tactics to gain control of their lives.

The privileged showing compassion for those denied access to resources.

Which is true of privilege?

It provides more opportunities to some people. – correct

The most qualified people are in positions of power.

It is always maintained via violence.

Only elites maintain the system.

Which of the following is an example of the sociological imagination?

You are nonbinary, and there is no option for it on a form. – correct

You are late because there is a traffic accident.

People in Thailand find 61 degrees very cold.

You are dehydrated because you don’t drink enough water.

Our definition of the sociological imagination:

Believes people just need empathy to change structures.

Is only about gender.

Sees all personal problems as structural.

Situates personal experiences in historical context. – correct

Which is the most powerful form of social control?

Internalization of norms. – correct

Ridicule and gossip.


Persuasion of intimates.

Which terms correctly align with the concept of sex?

Gender identity.

Male to female and female to male.

Man and woman.

Female and male. – correct

What is meant by the term “doing gender”?

Gender is a dynamic performance. – correct

Gender is done based on instinct.

Gender performance changes with age but not setting.

Gender is only embodied.

When biological essentialist researchers ask questions about gender and sexuality, where do they look for answers?


The body. – correct

Social interaction.


Why is the intersex population important to studying sex and gender?

They identify as the “opposite” gender than what they are assigned at birth.

They complicate our understanding of the binary. – correct

They choose to get surgery to fit a binary sex.

They cannot have sex.

Which of the following is evidence that gender and sexuality are socially constructed?

Individuals have either a penis or vagina.

More people publicly identify as transgender than 10 years ago. – correct

Men are naturally more sexual.

Women are subjugated in every culture.

The fact that a woman can wear pants in the US in the year 2019 and still be viewed as feminine demonstrates which social constructionist assumption?

Experiences are determined by biology.

There is continuous variation in the form of “true” categories.

Gender is cultural and historical. – correct

Social phenomena are shaped by nature.

Which is a social constructionist view of the gender binary?

Every culture had male domination over women.

Gender performance is supposed to match physical characteristics.

No one fully fits being a perfect man or woman. – correct

Men and women are opposite and separate.

According to Alaina’s guest lecture, what is true of eating disorders in general?

They are less about personal control and more about fitting society’s standards.

You have to be underweight to qualify as having an eating disorder.

White women are the least likely to get a diagnosis.

Sexual trauma and abuse are major triggers. correct

According to Alaina Steinberg’s guest lecture, which is true about gender and eating disorders?

The inclusion of new eating disorder diagnoses such as “orthorexia” and “drunkorexia” disadvantage men, who don’t engage in those behaviors.

Black women are more likely to be diagnosed with eating disorders because they are overmedicalized.

Women with other comorbidities (OCD, ADHD, diabetes) are more at risk to develop an eating disorder. – correct

Over 50% of diagnosed eating disorders are men.

Which of the following is NOT reflective of the social constructionist perspective?

Language creates social reality.

We are born with instincts that are developed socially. – correct

Continuous variation exists in nature.

The social precedes our experience of the natural.

Which of the following is evidence that gender and sexuality are socially constructed?

Individuals have either XX or XY chromosomes.

The Mahu in Hawaii are not categorized as men or women. – correct

Throughout history women always take on motherhood.

Most movies throughout history have had straight leads.

What is the sociological significance of the hymen?

It shouldn’t tear during sex if the woman experiences pleasure.

Only men don’t understand how it works.

It plays into our social construction of virginity. – correct

It acts as a “freshness seal.”

Your aunt tells you that “men and women are opposites” to explain why she does
housework and your uncle does not. What theory does this exemplify?

Sex Role Theory. – correct

The Charmed Circle.

Scripting Theory.

The Kinsey Report.

Chase invites Morgan to his dorm after kissing her because he knows what comes “next” in a hook up encounter. What theory does this exemplify?

The Charmed Circle.

Sex Role Theory.

The Kinsey Report.

Scripting Theory. – correct

Which was a major finding of the Johnson and Master’s studies in the 1960s about orgasms?

Women must orgasm to get pregnant.

Orgasms need an emotional component.

It is easier for men to have multiple orgasms.

Male and female orgasms have different peaks. – correct

What is the pink tax?

The extra costs mothers take on at work.

The burden men have financially because tampons are not taxed.

The difference in the cost of products women pay. – correct

The pay gap.

What is the problem with Ms. Monopoly?

It’s using feminist ideas and language to sell a board game. – correct

It’s not actually about girls in monopoly.

It is highlighting an ugly history to do with gender.

Girls don’t buy board games.

What is true of the beauty industry in the United States?

Companies will create “problems” to market products to fix them. – correct

Airbrushing is illegal on Instagram.

Most people don’t want to see themselves reflected in advertising.

Women spend more money on makeup than groceries.

Which is a real instance of marketing with beauty brands?

Companies taking up feminist causes typically donate to them.

Brands with inclusivity campaigns have been largely successful. – correct

The Victoria Secret fashion show was canceled because the company wanted to add plus size and transgender models.

Fenty (Rhianna’s make up line) lost money for having darker shades than other companies.

Carly’s hours are cut when she gets pregnant to “give her more time with the baby.” This is an example of:1

Benevolent sexism. – correct

Empathetic sameness.

Hostile sexism.

The female apologetic.

According to lecture and chapter 6 of Gender, what are some of the dangers associated with being a man that we discussed?

Being at a higher risk for occupational hazards. – correct

Being rejected on a date.

Gay men being forced to subordinate women.

Being diagnosed with depression more.

Who would fit best into the ideal of hegemonic masculinity?

Direct TV Peyton Manning as in a tall affluent, white, straight, athletic, American with hair. – correct

“Good” men as in the men that have traits of positive male role models.

Marginalized men in the middle of the hierarchy exerting power over other men.

A toxic man.

What is true of hegemonic masculinity?

Men can still be dominated and complicit in upholding it. – correct

It sets ideals for men and women.

It was popularized in the second wave as a way to explain the subordination of lesbians.

Women are not involved in upholding it.

What is true of the hierarchy of masculinity?

Some men and women subscribe to it to have more power. – correct

Women are not included in the theory.

Men who are the most marginalized have their masculinities normalized by it.

It is individually obtainable.

Which of these is NOT an example of toxic masculinity?

Suppression of all emotions except fear. – correct

Entitlement to sex.



A white comedian takes on aspects of black culture to appear more masculine for a joke. What is this an example of?

Hegemonic masculinity.

Hybrid masculinity. – correct

The naturalization of queer masculinity.

Racial masculinity.

Which women were more likely to have been working even before the first wave?

Women of color who did domestic work. – correct

White women working in politics.

Poor women who write books about how women shouldn’t work.

Rich women working as nannies.

Why were Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony in opposition to some other Suffragettes?

They were against the enfranchisement of black men via amendment. – correct

They supported slavery.

They didn’t live to see the 19th amendment.

They used extreme measures, like window breaking.

How did women eventually get the vote?

They changed from more radical practices to respectable ones.

They had big marches and protested constantly and got arrested. – correct

They supported the war and reconstruction.

They asked nicely.

According to She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, why was the Jane Collective providing abortions considered so radical for the time?

It was one of the only institutions in the second wave to empower poor and black women.

Three people even talking about an abortion was conspiracy to commit felony murder. – correct

Feminists never worked with the medical institution.

Men from the war movement were very supportive of it.

According to She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, what was the lesbian countermovement of the second wave called?

Dykes for Change.

The Lavender Menace. – correct

The Kitty Cats.

The Rainbow Weeds.

According to She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, what was the importance of
consciousness raising groups?

Women found that isolating experiences were actually common. – correct

They were regulated by institutions such as healthcare and the courts.

They centered the experiences of poor women.

Women of color were specifically banned from them.

What was the main objective of the second wave?

To become more transnational and diverse.

The personal is political – creating laws to protect women at home. – correct

To get women the right to vote.

To legalize abortion.

Which was a concern of the third wave?

The rise of technology.

The universalization of all women’s experiences in the second wave. – correct

Laws around women’s domestic lives.

The negative effects of globalization of the women’s movement.

Can men be feminists?

No, they can only be pro-feminists.

Yes, but many men didn’t call themselves feminists until the third wave. – correct

Yes, but only if they become educated on the subject.

Yes, but minority men typically have other terms for it.

Which is NOT an issue we discussed in the 4th wave?

Online harassment.

A delegitimization of the #metoo movement. – correct

TERFs and transphobia.

An acronym to discourage sex work.

Which is true of the #metoo campaign?

It is most famous for starting the 3 rd wave.

The hashtag was started by Tarana Burke in 2006 but was re-popularized after the Harvey Weinstein allegations .- correct

There is a clear understanding of what consequences men accused should face.

It’s only men have been accused by women.

What are some of the lengths that Harvey Weinstein went to in order to silence reporters and survivors?

He bought ads questioning the legitimacy of the witnesses.

He ordered a hit (murder) on Ronan Farrow.

He was paying jurors to side with him.

He hired a renowned lawyer who usually represents women who have been assaulted. – correct

What is a concept you studied for that wasn’t tested? Give enough details to prove you learned it.

I studied about different religions within the US. I learned that aside from the Big Three (Abrahamic) religions – Islam, Christianity, and Judaism – there are also  Dharmic Religions that are certain practices originating from India. I learned that modesty is prioritized in Islam and that there is no means of legitimizing gay marriage. Moreover, I learned that Judaism encourages teenage sexuality. As for Dharmic Religions, sexual pleasure is not considered very important or something to be overly attached to.