Social Movement study – A Sociology Study

Social Movement study – Sociology

This discussion is about Social Movement study – Sociology

According to Fu’s (2016) research, online fans who were in favor of keeping Spider-Man white argued that:

their position was about race

they wanted to maintain the integrity of the comic (He was white in the comic and should be in the film too)

the believability of the character (if he were black, it would alter his transformation from a geeky kid to a superhero)

answers a, b, and c

answers b and c – correct

True or False:

Natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina have human-made or social causes and consequences.

True – correct


True or False:

Critical Mass – the cycling organization educating the public about pollution from gas vehicles – is an example of a major social movement. 


False – correct

The term phrenology refers to:

variations in body size

the differences in head formation – correct

athletic ability

the study of bones

What do mass protest organizations do?

advocates for social change through protest – correct

recruits new members

relies on high levels of membership participation to promote social change

solicits political assistance

No answer text provided.

We recently viewed a segment of Chris Rock’s “Bring the Pain” (1996). If Rock’s audience is largely fellow Black Americans, which theory best explains the function of the skit?

relief theory – correct

incongruity theory

superiority theory

none of the above

The genetic variation that corresponds with geographic origin is much __________________ than people commonly believe.

more random

smaller – correct

more important


Eugenics literally means:

“well born” – correct

“well bred”

“high status”


Miscegenation refers to:



interracial marriage

mixed races – correct

Who was one of the first sociologists to point out the importance of culture in determining race?

Robert Park – correct

Charles Darwin

Anthony Giddens

Emile Durkheim

The bus boycott during the US Civil Rights Movement is an example of a ____________ social movement,




revolutionary – correct

Some scholars argue that a new form of segregation has emerged in America: the _________ justice system.

criminal justice system – correct

immigration system

political system

educational system

The aim of all social movements is to:

create social bonds

solidify norms

change society – correct

promote social evolution

Participating in “the wave” at a baseball game is an example of:

Contagion Theory – correct

Convergence Theory

Mass Collective Action

Emergent Norm Theory

Racism is based on the following key belief(s):

human beings are divided into distinct bloodlines and/or physical types

racial bloodlines are linked to distinct cultures, behaviors, and abilities

certain groups are superior to other

All of the Above – correct

Which statement best reflects the position of sociologists on race:

race is a biological fact

human beings are divided into distinct bloodlines and/or physical types

while race is a social construction, it has very real consequences – correct

with the completion of the human genome project, we now have concrete evidence that race is based on genetic differences

During the 1950s, the United States began to focus more on cultural theories of race and ethnicity, thus rejecting:

the biblical theories of race



eugenics – correct

________ — the belief that certain skin tones are better is evident in Dove’s recent ad campaign depicting women changing shirts and race.

Colorism – correct




Researchers in different fields may study the same issue but have different outcomes because:

they are in opposition to each other

some are not working in legitimate scientific fields

boundary work limits their research

they are working through different frameworks/paradigms – correct

The legal or social practice of separating people on the basis of their race or ethnicity is referred to as:




economic restructuring

The U.S. has never measure race the same way since its inception in 1790.


False – correct

If a sociologist is trying to determine why poverty rates are higher in the inner city, he or she might look at the lack of jobs in the area. If a psychologist is looking at the same thing, he or she may look more at levels of depression in inner city residents. This difference is called:

boundary work – correct

a scientific revolution

a paradigm shift

normal science

The Matthew effect is essentially like:

getting promoted because of who you are and not based on your achievements – correct

birds of a feather flock together

the blind leading the blind

all of the above

The digital divide refers to:

technological inequality

access to and knowledge of the internet – correct

social stratification

internet connection

If one individual behaves in a socially inappropriate manner, he or she is considered a deviant, but if several individuals behave this way, ti si referred to as:

a collective action – correct

a public rebellion

a pandemic

the Boston Tea Party