American Social Research Study – Sociology

American Social Research Study – Sociology

In this chapter we discuss the American social research study – a sociology study

As defined by C. Wright Mills, which of the following “enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society”?

the sociological imagination – correct

double consciousness


the looking glass self

One of Max Weber’s most important contributions to sociology is _____________, which means that sociologists should approach the study of social behavior from the perspective people engaging in it.



verstehen – correct

the sociological imagination


__________ used Durkheim’s theory of anomie to explain crime rates among African Americans post slavery.

Jane Addams

W.E.B. DuBois – correct

Robert Park

Robert Merton

Max Weber

Durkheim maintains that the sociologist’s task is to study social facts. Which of the following is characterized as a social facts?



external to the individual

constraining – correct

answers a and b

answers b and c

answers c and d

Which of the following is not one of the American Sociological Association’s Principles of Ethical Behavior?

Professional Competence


Professional and Scientific Responsibility

Respect for People’s Rights, Dignity, and Diversity

Social Responsibility

Raising Money for the Discipline’s Profit – correct

The General Social Survey (GSS) run by the National Opinion Research Center of the University of Chicago asks respondents a series of questions about their demographic characteristics and opinions on a wide range of subjects. The method used by the GSS is:



survey research – correct


A sociologist observes the work-seeking habits of welfare recipients. After weeks of observation, trends emerge and the researcher forms a theory about the behaviors of the group. Which method is the sociologist using in this research approach?


inductive – correct

comparative historical

hypothesis testing

Charles is a sociologist studying a population of gay fathers in the United States. He interviews 200 men in his data collection. These 200 men comprise what researchers call a:



Sample – correct

Content Analysis

All of the following are described as golden rules of social research EXCEPT:

Voluntary Participation

Do no Harm

Informed Consent

Deception – correct

The research methods that use statistical analyses to describe the social world is:


quantitative – correct



_____________ ____________ methods collect information about the social world that cannot be readily converted into numeric form.

qualitative research – correct

quantitative research

survey research

natural experiments

Marx described the workers being alienated from:

the process of production

themselves (species-being)

other workers

the product

All of the Above are True – correct

____________ considered capitalism both fundamentally flawed and doomed and considered alienation the basic state of being in a capitalistic society.

Adam Smith

Gerog Simmel

Karl Marx – correct

Max Weber

____________ believed that ideas in and of themselves generate social change and that modern capitalism would not have arisen without the Protestant Revolution.

Karl Marx

Max Weber – correct

Emile Durkheim

Harriet Martineau

The idea that nations states are divided into a core, semi core, and periphery, where core countries exploit the periphery is best associated with:


conflict theory

symbolic interactionism

the world systems approach – correct


The main point of Marx’s 1848 Communist Manifesto is:

Capitalism is an efficient mode of production

Under capitalism the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer

Capitalism will lead to feudalism

You Answered

Socialism is the best mode of production

To Marx, conflict between a small number of capitalists and a large number of workers would divide society. He referred to this large number of workers as:


petit bourgeoisie

the bourgeoisie

the proletariat – correct


The Chicago School of Sociology’s main lab for sociological research was:

the city of Chicago itself – correct

the second floor of the university’s dorm

the slums of NY

the wider state of Illinois

Jane Addams founded the first American settlement house, an institution to help the poor by offering aid, educational services, and more. This house was known as:

The Chicago School of Sociology

The Hull House – correct

The Girls and Boys Club

The Red Cross

What do symbolic interactionists study?

midrange theory

the economy

shared meaning – correct

genes for social behavior

This week you learned about Karl Marx’s view of capitalism. List and briefly explain one benefit of capitalism and also one constraint/problem.

Your Answer:

One benefit of capitalism would be mass production. You’re able to make multiple items in a specific amount of time for consumers to buy. As humans we all want the newest items that come onto the market like iPhones but were upset when they sell out within a few hours. With mass production we don’t have to wait as long for the shelves to restock with what we want.

One problem with capitalism would be that it creates inequality between the wealthy and the poor So the rich keep getting richer and the poor keeps getting poorer even though it’s the poor people doing the hard work.

We recently learned of Kobe Bryant’s death along with eight others due to a helicopter crash. How would a psychologist approach to death differ from a sociologist’s? Provide a one-paragraph response. 

A psychologist would approach death by looking more into your feelings and overall well being. They’ll ask you questions like, how are you feeling? They also play more of a medical role than sociologists as psychologists can treat mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Sociologists would dig deeper into the aspects of how someone died and correlate that back into data and statistics.