Social Theory And Motivation – Psychology

Social Theory And Motivation – Psychology

This chapter is about Social Theory And Motivation – Psychology

Humanistic theories of motivation emphasize the idea that:

motivation is determined by unconscious thought processes

an understanding of basic biological mechanisms, such as homeostasis, is the best way to understand human motivation

motivation is affected by how we perceive the world, how we think about ourselves, and the degree to which the environment unconditionally supports and encourages us – correct

motivation is learned through the basic principles of reinforcement and punishment

Vinh was recently promoted to manager of his auto-mechanic shop.  He is extremely excited and also dumbfounded that he was chosen for this position.  He secretly says to himself, “I can’t believe this has happened to me.  This is too good to be true.”  Unfortunately, Vinh is not used to believing in himself and taking on greater responsibilities.  As a result, he unconsciously shows up late to work and develops the habit of drinking excessively after work to avoid the feelings of anxiety.  According to Maslow, this best exemplifies Vinh’s _____.

lack of homeostasis


social influence and group pressure

fear of greatness – correct

Self-actualized people approach life in which of the following way(s):

being of service to others and/or a cause outside of themselves

with a growth mindset

appreciation of life and the simple pleasures

all of the answers combined – correct

According to Maslow, peak experiences are characterized by:

a profound sense of ethnics or responsibility

the need to be surrounded by other people

moments of intense ecstasy or pleasure, wonder, or awe – correct


The position that there is an ideal level of arousal for various activities and that individuals attempt to keep arousal near this ideal level is called:


drive theory

arousal theory – correct

humanistic theory

Biological drives tend to keep body functions (such as temperature and blood pressure) within necessary ranges in a process called:

intrinsic motivation

drive theory

set point – correct


Summayah is on a swim team and loves winning first place medals and standing on the podium while the crowd cheers for her.  Her motivation is most likely driven by:

the humanistic theory of motivation

the arousal theory of motivation

the incentive theory of motivation – correct

the drive theory of motivation

What is the correct order of needs in Maslow’s hierarchy, starting from the bottom of the pyramid to the top?

self-actualization; physiological; safety; love and belonging; esteem

self-actualization, safety; love and belonging; esteem; physiological

physiological; esteem; safety; self-actualization; love and belonging

physiological; safety; love and belonging; esteem; self-actualization – correct

Tenzin tries to save money for college, however, because of the habits she developed growing up where there was never enough money, every time she gets paid, she quickly spends it on frivolous items, such as eating out and new clothes.  She wants to break this habit, however, because she grew up with very little economic means and is used to not having money, when she does, she spends it quickly, only to end up as she did as a child, with very little money.  Tenzin might be suffering from which obstacle to growth?

inner defenses

fear of greatness

social influence and group pressure

negative influences from the past – correct

Maslow outlines human motivation in his Hierarchy of Needs.  Maslow believes that “safety needs” is where humans naturally seek ______:

a nurturing and supportive community

respect and recognition from others – correct

peak experiences that they can integrate into their daily lives

a relatively stable and predictable environment

Emiliano is struggling to make enough money to pay his rent and buy food.  According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Emiliano is attempting to meet his:

psychological needs

homeostatic needs

basic needs – correct

self-fulfilling needs

According to Maslow, physiological needs include:

the love of friends and family

water, oxygen and warmth – correct

personal growth


Many people gather with friends and family for special occasions and just to connect.  Maslow would say that this behavior is motivated by _____.



love and belonging – correct

safety and security

Jamara is valedictorian of her school and is proud of her accomplishment and enjoys receiving praise from her family and friends.  According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Jamara is experiencing which level?

safety needs

esteem needs – correct

physiological needs

love and belonging needs

Eun-Jung pretends that she is happy to others, when inside she actually feels very vulnerable and scared.  She tends to push these uncomfortable feelings aside so that she does not have to face and deal with them.  As a result, she remains unhappy and lonely because she refuses to let her guard down.  According to Maslow, Eun-Jung is most likely suffering from which of the following obstacles to growth?

fear of greatness

negative influences from the past

inner defenses – correct

social influences and group pressure