Social Personality Disorder – Psychology

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Social Personality Disorder – Psycology

This chapter covers Social Personality Disorder – Psycology

The following intellectual disability occurs mostly in very poor households where nutrition, intellectual stimulation, medical care and emotional support may be inadequate:

familial intellectual disability

In Freud’s view of the structure of personality, the mental structure that acts as one’s conscience and judges thoughts and actions is known as the _____.


Research shows that attitude change works best when the ____________.

communicator has expertise.

The lethal characteristic of a Type A personality is ___________.


The need for _____ is a desire to have impact on or control of others.


The typical behaviors consistent with being male or female in a given culture are referred to as _____________.

gender roles

Brainwashing differs from other attitude change methods in that it requires a __________.

captive audience.

The first intelligence test designed in 1904 to distinguish slower students from more capable students was written by _____________.


When looking at human motives, the following theorist developed a hierarchy of five needs that range from basic physiological needs to growth or meta-needs:

Abraham Maslow

The field of psychology that uses behavioral principles to promote health and prevent illness is referred to as _____.

Health psychology

If you are in a chronic state of anxiety but also suffer from moments of sudden, intense fear, you are probably suffering from ____________.

panic disorder.

_______ is the global capacity to act purposefully, to think rationally, and to deal effectively with environment.


The textbook cites each of the following as an environmental cause of schizophrenia EXCEPT ______________.

low socioeconomic status

The mark of true sexual deviation is ________________.

compulsiveness and destructiveness.

Which of the following statements about the antisocial personality is FALSE?

They feel things deeply.

The scientific study of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders is known as______.


Compared to men, women prefer ____________.

higher status partners.

As a teacher, I hear this all the time: “I couldn’t turn my paper in on time because my internet stopped working.” This is probably an example of _____________.


Sharon was hospitalized when she cut her wrists in an attempted suicide. While in the hospital, she was mostly deeply depressed, with occasional bouts of excessive cheerfulness. This would be ______ disorder.

bipolar I

Which statement about pedophiles is FALSE?

Most assaults happen outside the home.

“I may not have the greatest job in the world, but at least I’m not unemployed like Mark,” would be an example of a(n) ________________.

downward comparison.

Gestures used to show what people are saying are called _____; they tend to _____ when a person is telling a lie.

illustrators; decrease

A student who studies continuously throughout the semester, turns in all work on time, and shows up to every class may be considered high on what Big Five personality dimension?


Oversimplified images of traits of individuals who belong to a particular social group are _____________.

social stereotypes

The presence of both “masculine” and “feminine” traits in a single person is referred to as ________.


Sons are encouraged to engage in _____ behavior, whereas daughters are encouraged to engage in _____ behavior.

instrumental; expressive

At a party, Richard was attracted to Katie at first, but as she talked, she revealed some very personal information about herself. Richard became uncomfortable and made an excuse to break away. Katie’s mistake was ____________.


The Yerkes-Dodson law refers to the idea that complex tasks are better accomplished at ___________.

a lower level of arousal.

The disease-prone personality is _____________.

all of the above

A harmful attitude based on inaccurate generalizations about a group of people is known as ______.


In Jane Elliot’s experiment on prejudice using the eye color of children _____________.

the “in-group” became vicious.

Which theorist believed that the ego “wore a mask, or persona?”

Carl Jung

According to a study of inmates at a California prison, sudden murderers are very likely to be ______________.

passive, shy, and restrained.

Average intelligence is usually defined as a score from ___ to _______.

90 to 109

The following is NOT a common barrier when people engage in problem solving ___________.

Language barriers

If you have a sexually transmitted disease but are not experiencing symptoms __________.

you can still give it to another person.

The disadvantage of classifying personalities into specific types is that these types ______________.

oversimplify personality.

Which of the following is NOT a rape myth?

When a woman says no, she means no.

The ways in which our actions are initiated, sustained, and directed is called ____________.


Which term refers to the tendency to attribute our own actions to external causes while attributing the actions of others to internal causes?

actor-observer bias

________ represents a mixture of convergent thinking, intelligence, and reason, spiced with creativity and originality. 


In the United States and Canada, psychological problems are classified by using the _________.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR)

Which type of power would be wielded by a person who has the ability to punish for failure to comply?


If you think there are aliens in your attic, it’s a(n) ________; if you see them, it’s a(n) _______.

delusion; hallucination

When looking at behavioral risks, ______ is the largest preventable cause of death.

smoking cigarettes

Both learned helplessness and depression are marked by ___________.


According to the _____, if a stimulus causes a strong emotion (such as fear) an opposite emotion tends to occur when the stimulus ends (such as relief).

Opponent-process theory

The scientific study of how individuals behave, think and feel in social situations is known as ______.

social psychology

Sheila has trouble getting to work on time each morning because she repeatedly checks the doors to see that they are really locked. She is probably suffering from a(n) _______ disorder.


Which factor most affects the diffusion of responsibility?

how many people are present