Social Attachment And Development-Psychology

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Social Attachment And Development-Psychology

In This Chapter We Study About Social Attachment And Development-Psychology

Gayle is very inconsistent in her care she gives her new baby.  Often, she neglects the baby’s needs and is emotionally cold toward the infant.  In terms of Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development, the baby is likely to develop:

mistrust – correct



identity confusion

Sadiyah’s daughter Elham wants to go to a school play on a week night, promising that she will finish her homework before leaving.  Sadiyah says, “Absolutely not.  The rule is no social events on school nights, no matter what.”  Sadiyah is demonstrating which parenting style?


authoritarian – correct



Overall, researchers have found that the _____ style of parenting is associated with children who are well-adjusted, competent, receive higher grades, and are less likely than their peers to get into trouble.


authoritative – correct



When parents are consistently warm and responsive to their infant, the infant is likely to develop a(n)  _____ attachment to the parents; when parents neglect the infant, are inconsistent or insensitive to the infant’s needs, the infant is likely to develop a(n) _____ attachment to the parents.

secure; insecure – correct

easy; difficult

tight; loose

collectivistic; individualistic

Janea is a 3-year-old with a history of secure attachment to her parents.  According to the research on the long-term effects of attachment, what can be predicted about Janea’s later development?

No conclusions can be drawn, because there is no evidence to support the belief that quality of attachment in infancy has any long-term effects.

Janea is likely to be socially competent both as a preschooler and as an adolescent. – correct

Janea is likely to have difficulty getting along with other children in preschool because he is so self-centered.

Janea is likely to have academic and social problems as an adolescent.

The technique most commonly used to measure attachment in early childhood was developed by which psychologist?

Jean Piaget

Erik Erikson

Mary Ainsworth – correct

B.F. Skinner

According to attachment theory:

the infant can form multiple attachment relationships, but only the mother-infant relationship is important.

while the attachment bond is important to psychological development, it has no effect on the infant’s physical development.

the quality of attachment plays an important role in determining an infant’s ability to thrive physically and psychologically. – correct

attachment can be formed only between the infant and her or his mother.

I am in my early fifties.  If I do not reach out to others, especially to younger people to whom I can offer my knowledge and expertise, Erikson says that I will likely develop:


stagnation – correct



According to Erikson’s theory, the psychosocial conflict that needs to be resolved during adolescence is:

initiative vs. guilt

trust vs. mistrust

identity vs. identity confusion – correct

integrity vs. despair

When Malcolm was a teenager, he was highly concerned about how many friends he had on social media and how popular he was in school.  Now that Malcolm is in his mid twenties, he doesn’t have much time to socialize due to his work schedule.  As a result, Malcolm spends his spare time with close friends and is learning about himself as well.  He believes that through knowing himself, what his passions are, and what makes him happy, he will attract the right partner for him.  Malcolm is probably in the process of experiencing which stage of Erikson’s psychosocial conflict:

intimacy vs. isolation – correct

generativity vs. stagnation

integrity vs. despair

industry vs. inferiority

Ping had been a lawyer for more than 30 years.  Now retired, he finds herself wondering why he ever practiced law and thinks how he wasted the best years of his life in a profession that did not emotionally fulfill him.  He wishes that he chose another profession that inspired him more when he was younger.  Ping is probably experiencing:

identity confusion



despair – correct

The three basic parenting styles as mentioned in your text book are:

authoritarian, passive, and profession

permissive-indulgent, authoritative, and ambivalent

ambivalent, reciprocal, and permissive

authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive – correct

Parents who are demanding but unresponsive to their children’s needs are called _____, while parents who are demanding yet responsive to their children’s needs are called _____.

authoritative; permissive

authoritarian; authoritative – correct

permissive; indulgent

indifferent; authoritarian

Rosa’s daughter Luna wants to go to a concert on a school night and come home past her usual curfew.  Rosa says, “If it’s that important to you, I’ll pay for your ticket and let you take my car.”  Rosa is demonstrating which parenting style?



permissive-indulgent – correct


Erik Erikson’s theory held that psychosocial development continues throughout the lifespan, with each stage marked by a particular challenge for further psychosocial development.

True – correct