Mitosis And Meiosis Phase – Cell Cycle Biology

Mitosis And Meiosis Phase – Cell Cycle Biology

This quiz is about Mitosis And Meiosis Phase – Cell Cycle Biology.

Synapsing occurs during what stage in meiosis?

a.  Interphase I
b.  Anaphase I
c.  Metaphase I
d.  Prophase I – correct
e.  Telophase I

Centrioles are found in animal and plant cells, form asters, and regulate spindle formation.

False – correct

Had we been in lab, the specimen which the class would have made slides on in order to study the timing of different phases of the cell cycle is ________________________.

a.  whitefish blastula
b.  onion root tip – correct
c.  potato

Mitosis is often referred to as  ____________________  division.

a.  reductional
b.  equational – correct

The division of the cytoplasm is called _____________________.

a.  mitosis
b.  cytokinesis – correct
c.  cleavage furrow

Duplication of genetic material happens during Interphase .

True – correct

In mitosis, which phase do chromosomes line up along the middle of the spindle (equatorial plane)?

a.  Prophase
b.  Telophase
c.  Interphase
d.  Metaphase – correct
e.  Anaphase

Interphase is the shortest phase of the cell cycle.

False – correct

In meiosis, in which phase do two chromatids separate and migrate to opposite poles?

a.  Interphase II
b.  Anaphase II – correct
c.  Telophase II
d.  Metaphase II
e.  Prophase II

All of the following are stages of mitosis EXCEPT:

a.  Metaphase
b.  Interphase – correct
c.  Telophase
d.  Anaphase
e.  Prophase