Endocrine Hormone System Physiology

Endocrine Hormone System Physiology Quiz 1

This quiz is about Endocrine Hormone System Physiology.

The hypophyseal portal system allows endocrine communication between the ____ and the _____.

  • hypothalamus; adenohypophysis – correct
  • This is how the tropic hormones of the hypothalamus reach the anterior pituitary.
  • neurohypophysis; adrenal medulla
  • hypothalamus; neurohypophysis
  • adenohypophysis; adrenal cortex

Hormones that  work together to produce a similar effect are referred to as being ______.

  • permissive
  • antagonistic
  • arbitrary
  • synergistic – correct

Hormones that bind to ________ receptors exert their effects on cells by using signal transduction mechanisms.

  • cytosolic
  • plasma membrane – correct
  • intracellular
  • nuclear

Which of the following is a tropic hormone?

  • ADH
  • prolactin
  • TSH – correct
  • GH

Which of the following effects is an indirect effect of GH?

  • increased bone growth – correct
  • decreased glucose uptake
  • increased breakdown of fat
  • increased fat synthesis

Which of the following would be  result in decreased secretion of growth hormone?

  • GHRH
  • elevated somatomedin levels – correct
  • exercise
  • elevated testosterone levels

Antidiuretic hormone is transported to the posterior pituitary by way of_________.

  • the veins of the dural sinuses
  • the hypophyseal portal system
  • retrograde axonal transport
  • anterograde axonal transport – correct

Which is the target organ of ACTH?

  • adrenal medulla
  • thyroid
  • mammary gland
  • adrenal cortex – correct
  • adenohypophysis

Which process in the body is not regulated by hormones secreted by the  pituitary gland?

  • calcium balance – correct
  • water balance
  • reproduction
  • metabolism
  • growth

What is the MAJOR stimulus for ADH secretion?

  • dopamine
  • increased plasma osmolality – correct
  • stimulation by sympathetic nerves
  • low blood glucose levels

Which of the following stimulates ejection of milk from the breast?

  • prolactin
  • PIF
  • oxytocin – correct
  • dopamine

What is the function of GnRH?

  • stimulates the secretion of GH
  • inhibits the secretion of LH
  • inhibits the secretion of GH
  • stimulates the secretion of FSH – correct

Which of the following is FALSE?

  • The endocrine system is important in homestasis.
  • The nervous system has more widespread effects than the endocrine system. – correct
  • Hormones will not exert an effect on a tissue is there is no receptor present.
  • Most hormones are regulated by negative feedback mechanism.


Which of the following are hormones secreted by the adenohypophysis?

  • antidiuretic hormone
  • somatostatin
  • growth hormone – correct
  • dopamine
  • CRH
  • GnRH
  • LH – correct
  • GHRH
  • FSH – correct
  • ACTH – correct
  • TRH
  • TSH – correct
  • prolactin – correct
  • oxytocin

Which of the following demonstrates an example of regulation of a hormone by a humoral stimulus?

  • Stimulation of the adrenal medullaby sympathetic nerves increased epinephrine secretion.
  • Parathyroid hormone stimulates the secretion of calcitriol in the kidneys.
  • A decrease in blood glucose levels stimulates secretion of glucagon by the pancreas. – correct

Which of the following is composed of glandular epithelial tissue?

  • anterior pituitary gland – correct
  • hypothalamus
  • posterior pituitary gland

Match the hormone to its function.

somatostatin                inhibits GH secretion  

dopamine                     inhibits prolactin secretion

corticotropin releasing hormone                stimulates ACTH secretion       

antidiuretic hormone                             stimulates contraction of vascular smooth muscle

Put the following steps involved in reflex arcs in order.

1                stimulus

 2                receptor             

3                afferent pathway           

4                integration center             

5                efferent pathway             

6                effector