COVID 19 (Corona Virus) & Environmental Biology

COVID 19 (Corona Virus) & Environmental Biology

This chapter includes discussions of Corona Virus, symptoms of Corona Virus (Covid 19) and environmental Biology.

Select all the symptoms that may be caused by COVID-19

Correct options



Runny or Stuffy Nose

Aches and Pains

Shortness of Breath




Sore Throat


Evidence shows that COVID-19 spreads through close personal contact – within about 6 feet or 2 meters.

True – correct


Students that have COVID-19 symptoms should contact Health Center right away.

True – correct


Where should you wear a facemask?

In public or shared spaces – correct

In the shower

While swimming in the ocean

Students will have to show up in a classroom in order to receive course materials.


False – correct

Scientific research that produces knowledge without any immediate practical use is specifically known as…

Basic science – correct

Applied science

Hypothesis-based science

Descriptive science

Retrospective science

Which one of the following fulfills the definition of a hypothesis?

Removing invasive species will result in greater biodiversity.

Introducing invasive species will harm an ecosystem.

Invasive species are non-native species that alter ecosystems.

Introducing invasive species will decrease biodiversity by displacing native species. – correct

Ecosystem productivity will decrease when invasive species are introduced.

Which one of the following is consistent with the frontier ethic?

Expanding the area covered by a wildlife sanctuary

Protecting a natural area as a national park

Sustainable logging of a forest

Transferring ownership of forestland from private ownership to the federal government

Extracting copper ore from mineral-rich deposit in a landscape rich in biodiversity – correct

Which one of the following suggests that when the effects of a human activity are poorly understood, we must presume that some level of harm may exist to the environment, and thus must proceed with that activity carefully?

Sustainability ethic

Precautionary principle – correct

Environmental harm dictum

Environmental injustice

Presumptive principle

Which one of the following demonstrates the concept of the “tragedy of the commons”?

Competing companies log as many trees as possible for financial gain until no trees are left – correct

Public forest land is sold to a privately-owned investor group

Logging forests is dangerous work and ends up killing or injuring many workers

A careless hiker accidentally starts a wildfire that destroys hundreds of acres of forest

Government regulations lead to conditions that increase the risk of forest fire on public lands

The equal sharing of Earth’s resources is specifically known as…

Environmental justice


Environmental equity – correct

Ecological footprinting


John Muir’s position on the proposed development in the Hetch Hetchy Valley of California in the early 1900s would best match which one of the following?

Frontier ethic

Sustainable ethic

Land ethic – correct

Ethos ethic

Darwinian ethic

Which one of the following is an example of inductive reasoning?

Every lion you’ve seen on TV hunts gazelles, therefore all lions hunt gazelles. – correct

All tigers are mammals. All mammals are vertebrates. Therefore, tigers are vertebrates.

Every lake contains water; therefore, Crater Lake contains water.

Only plants have flowers. Tulips are a plant because they have flowers.

The sun emits energy in the form of photons. Visible light is made of photos and thus light is a type of energy.

The fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regarding enforcement and implementation of environmental regulations and policies is known as what?

Quid pro quo

Environmental justice – correct

Environmental equity

Habeas corpus

Ecological inclusiveness

People and their culture that have existed continuously dating back to a time before their land was invaded or colonized by other societies are known as…




Indigenous – correct


Place holder question.

yes – correct