Illustrator Click Space And Symbol – Computer Skills

Illustrator Click Space And Symbol – Computer Skills

This chapter covers Illustrator Click Space And Symbol – Computer Skills.

What is Kerning?

Space between characters

What is Leading?

Distance between the lines

What is Tracking?

Inserting or removing uniform spaces

What file type are bitmap images?


Describe the Rule of Thirds?

Creating nine equal parts with two horizontal and two vertical lines and creates three equal columns or rows

What illustrator native file format preserves all illustrator data?


What do you need to understand to make optimum decisions about printing a project?

How the printer’s resolution effects the artwork when printed

What do you have to do first before modifying individual components of a symbol?


What is the area of work that extends beyond the actual panel called?


When creating a new document set to profile: Web, what are the default color mode and raster effect settings?

RGB and 72

What happens to a brush stroke set to 5 points when you click Type on a Path?

Stroke goes back to one

Which panel would you use to edit the width and height of an existing shape?

Transform panel

How do you create a rectangle with rounded corners?

Rounded rectangle tool

Describe linking and embedding placed digital images in Illustrator.

Linked image is independent from the document and embedded image is within the document in full resolution

What should be identified to effectively create a flyer for a neighborhood fundraiser?

Target audience and what the fundraiser is for

Discuss what you might present to a client to specify all aspects and details of the project.

Scope of the project

Which panel provides the ability to edit both the stroke and fill?

Color panel

What is a bezier curve?

A curved line or path that is defined by a mathematical equation (has any size scale)

When a new pattern is created, which panel does it add to?

Swatches panel

Describe calligraphic brushes.

Resembles something drawn with a paint brush

Which color mode is used for printing? Which color mode is used for monitor (web) colors?


How do you edit symbols?

Click symbol> symbol panel> edit symbol

What is the blob tool used to create?

Creates closed filled objects

Identify copyright uses and terms

Copyright object for educational purposes (Fair Use), work not protected by copyright (Public Domain), protected work or an idea (Copyright)

What are deliverables?

Any completed work delivered to the client

How do you add a 3-D Extrude and Bevel effect?

Effect> 3D> Extrude bevel

How do you set/adjust the options/settings for tools?

Double click the tool

How do you save symbols as a new library?

Symbols pannel> symbols library> at top of new library

What happens when you click with the type tool to create a point type?

Wherever you click will start the Type line

Convert text to outline

Type> create outline

Add crop mark

Select object> create trim marks> effect> crop marks

Create a new document

File> New document

Create a new print document

File> New> New document profile> Print

Where can you set the document bleed?

New document dialog box and print settings> Marks and bleeds

Add a pucker effect

Effect> Distort> Pucker and bloat

Change tool options (Where?)

Double click on the tool

Create a radial gradient

Gradient panel> Radial

Identify panel icons

Identify correct panels

How do you display transparency grid?

View> Show transparency grid

How do you create a graphic symbol from an image?

Select image> Drag to Symbols panel

How do you export a document as a .png file?

File> Export> Save as type> PNG

Create a center gradient mesh

Object> Gradient mesh> Center

Describe the difference between the pen tool and the pencil tool

Pen tool is with individual clicks to make a path and Pencil tool draws smooth paths

Create a new color swatch

Swatches panel> Panel options> New swatch

How do you place a symbol?

Select the symbol> Drag to symbols panel

Which file type is most used for video?


What are advantages of symbols?

Smaller file and can manipulate them easily

If you need a graphic that will be used in many sizes, what file format should be used?

PNG (Vector)

Describe the overall principal behind Gestalt

Whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Project development phases- what is the correct order?

Planning and analysis, scheduling, building, review and evaluate, publishing

Make slices

Object> Slice> Make

Trace and show outlines

Object> Live trace> Show outlines with tracing

Add a fill color to a specific area

Select area> Fill with color

Create an image trace

Place image> Live trace

Scale an image

Object> Transform> Scale

What file format to save fonts for future use?


Add and modify a workspace from the workspace switcher

Essentials> Manage workspaces

Demographics and target audience don’t include education or income level

Population and age

Changing the Color Settings of the document

Edit> Color settings

Modifying a symbol to include a drop shadow

Click on symbol> Effect> Stylize> Drop shadow

Removing unused swatches from the library

Swatches library> Select all unused> Delete swatches

Changing the Leading of a text frame

Character panel> Change number

Changing the Bleed of an artboard/document

File> Print> Marks and bleeds> Adjust

When will you see the Photoshop Import dialog box?

File> Open

Selecting all objects on a sub-layer and changing the opacity of those objects

Hold down shift and click the layer

Changing the zoom to fit artboard in Window

Edit> Zoom or on bottom left corner or View> Artboard

Hiding guides

View> Hide guides