Employee Training and Development -Human Resource

Employee Training and Development -Human Resource

In this chapter we discuss Employee Training and Development -Human Resource

Which term refers to sifting through large amounts of employee information to find patterns and identify traits that correlate with performance.

Data Mining

_________ provides new employees with the basic background information required to perform their jobs satisfactory

Employee orientation

Which of the following terms refers to the methods used to give new or present employees the skills they need to perform their jobs?


A supervisor who frequently rates all employees as average on performance appraisals most likely has a problem known as ________.

Central Tendency

__________ is the process of deciding what positions the firm will have to fill and how to fill them.

Personal planning

A _______ is a simulation in which candidates perform realistic tasks in hypothetical situations and receive scores based on their performance

Mangement assessment center

Hiring workers who have criminal backgrounds without proper safeguards is considered ______.

Negligent hiring

Which of the following terms refers to the accuracy with which a test fulfills the function for which it was designed.


The first step in the validation prices is ________.

Analyzing the job

The process of evaluating an employee’s current and/or past performance relative to his or her performance standards is called _________.

Performance appraisal.

Which term refers to finding and/or attracting applicants for the employer’s open positions?

Employee recruiting

Which of the following would perform the initial orientation in most firm?

HR specialist

___________ tests include tests like finger dexterity, manual dexterity, and reaction time.

Motor ability

Which term refers to the number of employees leaving the firm divided by the total number of positions in the company?

Turnover rate

________ means having a person learn a job by actually doing it.

On-the-job training

In order to be the most effective, the performance management process should occur ________.


Which of the following allows people in one location to communicate live with people in another location?


What are the five steps in the ADDIE training process model?

analyze, design, develop, implement, evaluate

Which performance appraisal tool involves a supervisor maintaining a log of positive and negative examples of a subordinate’s work-related behavior

critical incident

Any attempt to improve managerial performance by imparting knowledge, changing attitudes, or increasing skills is called ________.

Management development

Which performance appraisal problem is associated with supervisors giving all of their subordinates consistently high ratings?


Which of the following terms refers to a performance appraisal based on surveys from peers, supervisors, subordinates, and customers?

360-Degree feedback

Which of the following best explains the rising trend of businesses using temporary workers?

Low economic confidence among employers

For training to be successful and effective, a trainee must have ________.


In regard to on-campus recruiting, which of the following will most likely help sell the employer to the interviewee?

Personable nature of the recruiter

What is the primary goal of the recruitment and selection process?

Hiring the best candidates for positions

Which assessment method has a high development cost?

Structured interviews

When managers need to determine which employees are available for promotion or transfer, they will most lily use_________.

Position replacement charts

Which of the following best describes the purpose of an appraisal interview?

Making plans to correct employee weaknesses

Which of the following is an example of computer-based training?

Participating in computerized simulations

Peer appraisals have been shown to result in a _______.

reduction of social loafing

What is the primary purpose of an appraisal interview?

Reinforce satisfactory performance

Which of the following generates the highest quality of job applicants for most firms?

Employee referrals

SMART goals are best described as

specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely

What is the first step in the recruitment and selection process?

Forecasting employment needs

Instructional objective for training programs should focus on ______.

correcting performance deficiencies

According to the ADA< when is a medical exam permissible

between the job offer and the commencement of work

What is the first step in conducting an effective interview?

studying the job description

Which of the following sternest is representative of what might be asked in a situational interview?

“Suppose you were confronted with an angry customer who threatened to sue the company. What would you do?”

A performance analysis is primarily used to asses the training needs of _______.

Current employees

Theresa, an HR manager works for a firm that is planning to expand overseas. Theresa is in the process of workforce planning an has already forecasted the firm’s labor demand. What should Theresa do next?

Identify labor supply-demand gaps

A firm’s ________ should guide employment planning and determine the types of skills and competencies the firm needs.

Strategic plan

Todd has been identified by Markam Industries as a high-potential employee in the firm’s succession planning process. Which of the following activities would most likely aid in developing Todd’s potential?

job rotation

What type of interview would most likely include the statement, “Tell me about a time when you worked successfully in a team environment?”


What type of screening device is designed to measure attitudes regarding tolerance of others who steal?

paper and pencil honesty tests

When constructing a job advertisement, all of the following are aspects of the AIDA guide EXCEPT ________.

implying applicant challenges

Which of the following tests measures what someone has learned?

achievement test

Which of the following is a managerial on-the-job training method that involves educating, instructing, and training subordinates


What is the primary goal of employee selection?

achieving personal-job fit

What is an advantage of filling open positions with internal candidates?

Orientation needs reduced

Jason is generally considered unfriendly at work, although he performs the tasks of his job very well. His supervisor rates him low on the trait “gets along well with others” and also rates him low on standards not related to socialization at work. Jason’s performance appraisal may be unfair due to _______.

halo effect

_________ is a special approach to organizational change in which the employees formulate the change that’s required and implement it.

Organizational development

What is the primary way that a firm builds a brand that improves recruiting efforts?

Creating a positive work environment

Which of the following is the primary advantage of using graphic rating scales s performance appraisal tools?

Provides quantitative rating for each employee

Which of the following should most lily be emphasized in an employee handbook?

The employment relationship is “at will”

Which question below is an example of a background question?

What experience and training have you had with drafting designs for committal buildings”

Which term refers to a written statement that describes the activities, responsibilities, and working conditions of a job?

Job Description

Which term refers to a procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements for a specific job and the kind of person most suitable for a position?

Job analysis

Which of the following terms refers to a goal-oriented and integrated process of planning, recruiting, developing, managing, and compensating employees throughout an organization?

Talent management

Which section of a job description usually includes the major functions or activities of the job?

Job summary

Linking HR policies and practices with strategic goals in order to improve business performance is know as

Strategic human resource management

A company’s (blank) strategy identifies the portfolio of businesses that comprise the company and the ways in which these businesses relate to each other

Corporate level

Which term refers to formulating and executing HR policies and practices that produce the employee competencies and behaviors a firm needs to achieve its strategic goals?

Strategic human resource management

Knowledge, skills, and abilities, and other characteristics are components of

Task statements

(BLANK) is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees, and attending to their labor relations, health and safety, and fairness concerns

Human resource management

What term refers to the knowledge, education, training, skills, and expertise of a firm’s workers

Human capital

The primary tool used by managers who are performing external and internal audits as part of the strategic management process is the

SWOT analysis

Intentional discrimination is also called

Disparate treatment

Which of the following terms refers to the quantitative measure of a human resource management yardstick such as employee turnover or qualified applicants per position?

Human Resource Metric

Which of the following describes a job in the terms of the KSAOs that employees must be able to exhibit to get their multiple jobs done?

Competency model

Which of the following terms refers to the tendency to view member of other social groups less favorable than one’s own?


Which of the following terms refers to the process of comparing and analyzing the practices of one firm those of a high-performing company?


A company’s (BLANK) strategy identifies the basic courses of action that each department will pursue in order to help the business attain its competitive goals


Which amendment to the U.S. constitution states, “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of the law”?


The primary purpose of the implementing high-performance practices such as recruiting, screening, and training is to

Develop a trained and self-motivated workforce

The EEOC was initially established to investigate complaints about

Job Discrimination

What is the primary goal of managing diversity in an organization?

Helping employees adapt to individual cultural differences

What is the first step in the strategic management process?

Defining the current business

Which of the following refers to the analysis by which an organization measures where it currently stands and determines what it has to accomplish to improve its HR functions?

HR audit

According to studies, which of the following groups experience the most sexual harassment in the workplace?

Minority women

Walmart competes on price, while Target competes on style. Walmart follows a competitive strategy based on (BLANK) while Target follows a strategy based on (BLANK)

Cost leadership, differentiation

Which of the following is a course of action that answers the question, “How do we get from here to there?


According to research, what job-related behavior is important to all jobs?


All of the following are useful in minimizing employer liability for sexual harassment EXCEPT

Adopting a policy that forgives the first offense

Which of the following data collection techniques would be most useful when writing a job description for a software engineer?

Interviewing employees

Executive orders 11246 and 11375 apply to which of the following employers?

Federal contractors

Rollins and Associates is making an extra effort to promote and hire under-represented, protected individuals. Rollins and Associates is most likely participating in

Affirmative Action

Amini, a sales manager with a commercial real estate firm, uses sales quotas to assess the performance of his staff members, and he then develops strategies for corrective action. Which function of the management process is Amini most likely performing?


According to the text, what is the source of most job specifications?

Managerial judgement

Pictures and Promotions Modeling Studio seeks to hire male models for an upcoming fashion show featuring men’s wear. The studio is using (BLANK) as a justification for not considering women for the jobs


What is the first step in the talent management process?

Deciding what positions to fill

According the Equal Pay Act of 1963, an employer may pay workers differently for all of the following reasons EXCEPT FOR


John primarily spends his time giving tasks to subordinates and establishing departments. He is performing what function of management?


A (BLANK) lays out what a business strives to be, while a (BLANK) lays out what it should be now

Vision; Mission

Which term refers to a process for assigning financial and non-financial goals to be the chain of activities required for achieving the company’s strategic aims?

HR scorecard

In the management process, which activity is part of the staffing function?

Evaluating performance

What specific activities listed below are part of the planning function?

Developing rules and procedures

Which Supreme Court case was used to define unfair discrimination in conjunction with the EEO laws?

Griggs vs. Duke Power Company

Which legislation makes it unlawful to discriminate in pay on the basis of sex when jobs involve equal work; require equivalent skills, effort ,and responsibility; and are performed under similar working conditions?

Equal Pay Act of 1963

What is the first step in conducting a job analysis?

Deciding how to use the information

What is the final step in the talent management process ?

Rewarding and motivating employees

Reverse discrimination refers to discriminating against (BLANK) applicants and employees

Non minority

Which individual in an organization is responsible for accomplishing the organizations’s goals by planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling personnel?


Which of the following human resource management specialties would most likely require extensive travel?


Which of the following represents the five functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling?

Management process

What is the final step of the job analysis process?

Writing a job description

What should be the primary purpose of the talent management process?

Achieving the firm’s strategic goals

Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act specifically prohibits discrimination based on all of the following characteristics EXCEPT

Cultural orientation

All of the following are in a line manger’s responsibilities for effective HR management EXCEPT

Advising upper management

In most organizations, human resource managers are categorized as (BLANK) who assist and advice (BLANK) in areas like recruiting, hiring, and compensation

Staff managers; line managers

Which of the following describes the most significant demographic trend facing the U.S. workforce?

Increasing number of older workers

Globalization, competition, and technology have led to which of the following trends in human resource management?

HR managers assist top management with developing and implementing strategies

Which of the following questions is most likely answered by a job specification?

What types of skills and experiences are required for this job?

Which of the following best defines, “termination at will?”

Either the employer or the employee can end the employment relationship at any time

Portability makes it easier for employers who leave a firm prior to retirement to

Take their pension funds with them

Which incentive plan is based on a philosophy that managers and employees must cooperate together?

Gainsharing plan

According to research, which of the following has a significant impact on employee engagement?

Job design

Kim works a 4-day workweek that consists of 10-hour days. Kim’s employer most likely offers

Compressed workweeks

Athena, a sales rep, was terminated from her position at Ross Manufacturing. On Athena’s last day of work, she was given a check for $5000. What did Athena most likely receive from her employer?

Severance pay

(BLANK) refers to all forms of pay or rewards going to employees and arising from their employment

Employee compensation

According to research, most firms use (BLANK) to motivate the short-term performance of managers

Annual bonuses

Workers at a t-shirt shop are paid a sum for each t-shirt they produce. Which incentive plan is most likely used by the employer?


Which of the following is a discretionary benefit?

Disability insurance

Which of the following terms refers to the involuntary termination of an employee’s employment with a firm?


Which term refers to the lifelong series of activities that contribute to a person’s career exploration, establishment, success, and fulfillment?

Career development

Which term refers to any plan that ties pay to productivity or profitability?

Variable pay

Which of the following involves setting a production standard for a specific work group and then paying incentives to the group members if they exceed the standard?

Team incentive plan

Which group contributes to worker’s compensation funds?


Which term refers to the advising, counseling, and guiding an employee?


Which compensation related law contains provisions for minimum wage, maximum hours, overtime pay, equal pay, and child labor?

Fair labor standards act

Basic factors that establish how several jobs compare to one another and that determine the pay for each job are called

Compensable factors

Which law makes it illegal to discriminate against any individual with respect to compensation because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin?

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Which of the following provides services such as financial counseling, child care referrals, and adoption assistance?

Employee assistance program

Which job evaluation method is considered the simplest and least expensive?

Ranking method

Which of the following terms refers to any salary increase the firm awards to an individual employee based on his or her individual performance?

Merit pay

What is the primary disadvantage of traditional grade pay plans?


What type of pay plan is being used when workers are paid a sum for each unit they produce?


Which of the following benefits is required by federal or state law?

Worker’s compensation

The indirect financial and non financial payments employees receive for continuing employment with the company are called


A 401k plan is best described as a

Defined contributive pension plan

Which term refers to being psychologically involved in, connected to, and committed to getting one’s job done


According to research, what is the primary reason that top-performing employees leave an organization?


The primary purpose of (BLANK) is to enable employees to balance work and family obligations

Work-life benefits

Which of the following is the most commonly used tool for motivating employees?

Recognition programs

Which term refers to the occupation position a person has had over many years?


The (BLANK) states that employees of one sex may not be paid wages at a rate lower than that paid to the employees of the opposite sex for doing roughly equivalent work

Equal Pay Act

(BLANK) are groups of health care providers that contract with employers, insurance companies, or third party payers to provide medical care services at a reduced fee


According the Family and Medical Leave Act, eligible employees can take up to (BLANK) weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave for the birth of a child or for the care of a child, spouse, or parent


Which of the following makes executives personally liable for corporate financial oversight lapses?

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Which of the following is NOT an example of employee insubordination?

Repeatedly failing to perform tasks

Turnover is best defined as the rate at which

Employees leave a firm

Craig was born in 1961. According to the Social Security Act, what is Craig’s full retirement age?


What term refers to the educating, instructing, and training subordinates to perform job-related tasks?


The psychological contract between employers and employees identifies the (BLANK) of each party


(BLANK) is the a formal and systematic comparison of jobs to determine the worth of one job relative to another

Job evaluation

Which term refers to the payments a firm makes related to changes in company ownership?

Golden parachute

A (BLANK) is comprised of jobs of approximately equal difficulty or importance as established by job evaluation

Pay grade

According to the Comprehensive Omnibus Budge Reconciliation Act, how long are most employers required to make health benefits available to terminated or retried employees?

18 months

Plans in which a corporation contributes shares of its own stock to a trust established to purchase shares of the firm’s stocks for employees are known as

Employee stock ownership plans

Every month, Angela, a manager a manufacturing facility, meets briefly with each of her subordinates and shows them a graph of their productivity on the assembly line. Which term best describes Angela’s activity?

Performance feedback

Career management is best defined as the

Process for helping employees to develop and use their skills and interests both within the company and after they leave the firm

Eric has worked full-time for a large manufacturing company for over 3 years. Eric and his wife have recently adopted a baby, and Eric wants to take time off from work to care for the child. Which of the following laws most likely applies to Eric’s situation?

Family and Medical Leave Act

An employer’s unemployment tax rate depends on the employer’s

Rate of employee terminations

Which condition must be met for an injured employee to receive worker’s compensation benefits?

The employee was injured while on the job

Keith works as a construction foreman, and he is viewed as a reliable, competent employee. Keith was recently injured in a car accident while on vacation, and his injuries are so severe that he will not be able to return to work. Which of the following would most likely provide Keith with benefits?

Unemployment insurance

The 9 box matrix is used by firms to assess an employee’s

Promotional Potential

What would be the central focus of a firm’s executive reward package?

Accomplish the firm’s strategic goals

Which of the bases for dismissal is defined as the deliberate and willful violation of the employer’s rules and may include stealing and insubordination


Which term refers to barriers in women’s progress in the work environment?

Glass ceiling

Which term refers to a series of steps or levels within a pay grade and usually based on years of service?

Pay range

Which term refers to the right to purchase a stated number of shares of a company stock at today’s price at some time in the future?

Stock option

According to research, U.S. women earn approximately (BLANK) as much as men


Which of the following is used to anchor the employer’s pay scale?

Benchmark jobs

The mail room at Citibank uses special scanners to check the safety of incoming mail. This is most likely an example of

Mechanical security

The (BLANK) is the group of employees the union will be authorized to represent

Bargaining unit

A (BLANK) is a special type of formal problem-solving team consisting of 6-12 specially trained employees who meet weekly to solve problems affecting their work area

Quality circle

According the Occupational Safety and Health Act, employers are responsible for

Examining workplace conditions for OSHA compliance

Which of the following terms refers to fair outcomes?

Distributive justice

Reviews conducted by agencies to determine if units in their jurisdiction are complying with safety laws and regulations are known as (BLANK) reviews

Operational safety

The term ‘BLANK’ describes statutory or constitutional provisions banning the requirement of union membership as a condition of employment

Right to work

Which third-party intervention uses a neutral third party to assist the principles in reaching agreement?


Which of the following would be considered OSHA’s highest priority for inspection?

Inspecting a site where there may be imminent danger

Under OSHA, employers with (BLANK) or more employees must maintain records of and report occupational injuries and occupational illnesses


Which of the following bans certain unfair labor practices and provides for majority rules and secret ballot elections?

Wagner Act

What percentage of eligible employees in a bargaining unit must sign authorization cards in order for the union to petition the NLRB for an election


Which term refers to the formal procedure for disabling power equipment in the workplace?


Which activity involves establishing and maintaining positive employee-employer relationships?

Employee relations

The National Labor Relations Board was primarily established for the purpose of

Investigating unfair labor practice charges

In 1947, which type of union security was outlawed in interstate commerce?

Closed shop

Which of the following was establish by the Wagner Act?

National Labor Relations Board

TGV Enterprise wants to prevent workplace violence. What is the first step the firm should most likely take?

Strengthening security

With the maintenance of membership arrangement of union security, how long must union members employed by a firm maintain union membership?

For the contract period

Which term refers to a refusal by the employer to provide opportunities to work during an impasse?


As an employer, which of the following wold be the best choice for reducing workplace accidents?

A combination of preemployment drug testing and random ongoing drug testing

Which of the following has the most impact on creating and sustaining an ethical organizational culture?

Managerial actions

Which term refers to a union organizing tactic by which union members are placed on non-union job sites?

Union salting

All of the following are examples of permissible bargaining items EXCEPT

Employee drug testing

Bursitis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome are examples of

Repetitive motion disorders

The basic purpose of the OSHA is to

Set and enforce the safety an

d heath standards that apply to almost all workers in the US

Employees who report unethical corporate behavior are primarily known as


Identifying security and other corporate risks is known as

Enterprise risk management

Which term refers to the shared perceptions that organizational members have about their organization and work environment?

Organizational climate

Which term refers to fair processes?

Procedural justice

(BLANK) is the characteristic values, traditions, and behaviors a company’s employees share

Organizational culture

You are a manager at a manufacturing facility, and you tell your subordinates that unions are dangerous to the economy. Which law protects your right to express these views?

Taft-Hartley Act

Which of the following reinforces the need for organizations to provide ethics training to employees

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The union becomes the employee’s representative if it receives

A majority of the votes cast

Improperly guarded equipment, defective equipment, hazardous procedures, and improper ventilation are all examples of

Unsafe conditions

Which of the following best describes the closed shop form of union security?

A company can hire only current union members

Why is employee involvement an effective employee relations strategy?

Shows employees that their opinions are valuable

Which term refers to the singling out an individual for the purpose of harassment and mistreatment?


What is the first step in the union drive process?

Making initial contact with employees

Fair performance appraisals are most likely characterized by

Clarified standards

Which law enables the US president to intervene in national emergency strikes?

Taft-Hartley Act

Many employers give employees a process and procedure through which to communicate unfair treatment. This process and procedure is known as a (BLANK) procedure

Grievance review

Which term refers to using good management to improve the security of a facility?

Organizational security

Which law sought to protect union members from possible wrongdoing on the part of their unions?

Landrum-Griffin Act

Which of the following terms refers to a summons that informs employers and employees about regulations that have been violated at the workplace


Which of the following terms refers to a collective bargaining situation that occurs when the parties are not able to move further toward settlement?


Which of the following is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating hazards before accidents occur?

Job hazard analysis

Which of the following best describes the AFL-CIO

Voluntary federation of national and international labor unions

The (BLANK) form of union security means that the company can hire non-union people, but those people must join the union within a prescribed period of time

Union Shop