Motivation Theory & Job Analysis – Intro To Business

Motivation Theory & Job Analysis – Intro To Business

This quiz is about motivation theory and job analysis.

According to _____, how much people are willing to contribute to an organization depends on their assessment of the fairness of the rewards they will receive in exchange. 

expectancy theory

Theory X

equity theory – correct

Theory Z

In the context of employee motivation theories, Theory Z includes many elements associated with the _____ approach to management. 




Japanese – correct

Which of the following is management’s version of a strike? 

a mediation

a lockout – correct

an abritration

a boycott

_____ refers to forming a pool of qualified applicants from which management can select new employees. 


Recruiting – correct



Which of the following is an internal source of recruitment for an organization? 

competing firms

vocational schools


current employees – correct

Human resources management refers to 

all the activities involved in managing the day to day tasks of the organization.

all the activities involved in determining an organization’s human resources needs, as well as acquiring, training, and compensating people to fill those needs. – correct

labor, the physical and mental abilities that people use to produce goods and services.

all the activities involved in managing an organization’s goods and services.

____ involves determining, through observation and study, the specific tasks that comprise a job; the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform the job; and the environment in which the job will be performed. 

Job description

Job design

Job specification

Job analysis – correct

Rewarding appropriate behavior tends to be more effective to modify behavior in the long run than punishments for unacceptable behavior. 

True – correct


Which of the following theories is associated with the piece-rate system? 

the classical theory of motivation – correct

the two-factor theory

the theory of the hierarchy of needs

Theory X and Theory Y

Which of the following needs is at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? 

security needs

social needs

esteem needs

self-acutalization needs – correct

According to Herzberg’s theory, which of the following is a hygiene factor? 


salary – correct



Which of the following is the last step in a typical motivation process? 

satisfaction – correct




A _____ is a performance appraisal method that provides feedback from a panel that typically includes superiors, peers, and subordinates. 

360-degree feedback system – correct

behavioral checklist

ranking procedure

grade assignment

Which of the following is a form of financial compensation? 

health insurance

commissions – correct

paid vacation

pension plans

According to Herzberg’s theory, which of the following is a motivational factor? 

responsibility – correct


working conditions


The Hawthorne studies found that money was the primary motivator for employees. 


False – correct

Which stage of the employee selection process allows management to obtain detailed information about an applicant’s experience and skills, reasons for changing jobs, and an idea of whether the person would fit in with the company? 

interviewing – correct




According to the classical theory of motivation, which of the following would motivate employees to work hard? 

long vacations

a long lunch break

adequate tools and long hours

financial incentives – correct

Theory X and Theory Y are most closely associated with 

Fredrick Taylor

Elton Mayo

Fredrick Herzberg

Douglas McGregor – correct

The person primarily associated with the Hawthorne studies is  

Abraham Maslow

Douglas McGregor

B.F. Skinner

Elton Mayo – correct

Which of the following information is most likely to be included in a job specification rather than a job description? 

working conditions

responsibilities associated with a job

education qualification required for a job – correct

tasks to be performed

_____ are nonfinancial forms of compensation provided to employees. 


Time wages

Benefits – correct


_____ programs are legally mandated plans that try to increase job opportunities for minority groups. 

Diversity training

Employee welfare

Employee assistance

Affirmative action – correct

Maslow’s hierarchy lists the most basic needs people strive to satisfy first at the top of the pyramid. 


False – correct

A(n) _____ is the personal satisfaction and enjoyment that a person feels from attaining a goal. 

intrinsic need

extrinsic reward

extrinsic need

intrinsic reward – correct

Job _____ is the incorporation of motivational factors such as opportunity for achievement, recognition, responsibility, and advancement into a job. 



enrichment – correct


The _____ is a federal agency established by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that is dedicated to increasing job opportunities for women and minorities and eliminating job discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, national origin, or disability.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – correct

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

National Center for Civil and Human Rights

United States Commission on Civil Rights

Which of the following forms of compensation includes an employee stock ownership plan? 



profit sharing – correct


A work program that allows employees to choose their starting and ending times, as long as they are at work during a specified core period is called 

job sharing.

work sharing.

flextime. – correct

compressed workweek.

Financial compensation falls into two general categories, which are 

wages and benefits.

wages and salaries. – correct

salaries and benefits.

commissions and incentives.

Frederick Herzberg proposed  

the Hawthorne effect theory.

the two-factor theory. – correct

the classical theory of motivation.

the hierarchy of needs theory.

_____ is the difference between a desired state and an actual state. 


A goal

A problem

A need – correct

An employer beginning the selection process for new employees would begin with the 

orientation process.

application form. – correct

testing step.

training process.

Theory Z is more participative and encourages lifelong employee commitment more than traditional management approaches.

True – correct


The formal, written document that spells out the relationship between the union and management for a specified period of time is called a(n) 

job specification.

labor contract. – correct

arbitration report.

mission statement.

Reference checking usually involves 

checking a company’s compliance with its policies.

monitoring the working conditions in a firm.

checking the previous work experience of a candidate. – correct

assessing an applicant’s potential for a job.

Human relations is the study of the behavior of individuals and groups in organizational settings. 

True – correct


Which of the following statements is true of using salary as employee compensation? 

It involves paying a percentage of an employee’s sales.

It a monetary reward for exceptional performance.

It is associated with white-collar workers – correct

It is a nonfinancial reward.

The difference between an arbitrator and a mediator is that 

an arbitrator is a neutral third party, while a mediator is a representative of management.

an arbitrator’s solution to a labor dispute is binding on the participants, while a mediator’s solution is not binding. – correct

a mediator is a neutral third party, while an arbitrator is a member of the union.

a mediator’s solution to a labor dispute is enforceable, while the arbitrator’s solution is non-enforceable.

_____ is a public protest against management practices and involves union members marching at an employer’s plant or work site. 




Picketing – correct

Which stage of the selection process may require a candidate to undergo physical examinations to determine his or her suitability for a specific job? 

reference checking

testing – correct



Job _____ occurs when two people do one job. 


sharing – correct



_____ is one of the most difficult tasks for managers. However, doing so is essential because it gives employees feedback and generates information about the quality of the firm’s selection, training, and development activities. 

Policy evaluation

Recruiting employees

Performance appraisal – correct

Developmental appraisal

_____ states that motivation depends not only on how much a person wants something but also on the person’s perception of how likely he or she is to get it. 

Equity theory

Theory Y

Expectancy theory – correct

Theory Z

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which of the following needs do people strive to satisfy first? 

social needs

physiological needs – correct

esteem needs

security needs

Planning, as a function of human resources management, includes determining the status of current personnel when planning human resource needs for the future. 

True – correct


The birth of the study of human relations within business organizations can be traced to 

research conducted by Mayo and Hawthorne.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

time and motion studies by Frederick W. Taylor and Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. – correct

McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y.

_____ is the negotiation process through which management and unions reach an agreement about compensation, working hours, and working conditions for concerned employees. 


Collective bargaining – correct



Theory Z was first described by 

Douglas McGregor

Lillian Gilbreth

Fredrick Taylor.

William Ouchi. – correct

Which of the following adds tasks to a job instead of treating each task as a separate job? 

job enrichment

job reduction

job rotation

job enlargement – correct