Healthcare & Medical Care – Nursing Homework

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Healthcare, Medical Care, Service

The key terms of this Healthcare & Nursing course include Healthcare, Service, Medical Care, Disease.

Which of the following are examples of service categories within the healthcare industry?

Preventive services
Therapeutic services
Diagnostic services

What is the function of the National Institutes of Health?

To develop wellness programs in public and private schools

Which of these government-funded programs is intended to provide individual healthcare services for the elderly population?


Which one of these statements is correct?

The emphasis in public health is on prevention in contrast to medical care, which emphasizes treatment of disease.

Public health at the city and state level now include some important functions such as which of the following?

Licensing and accrediting health professionals
Setting standards for automobile safety devices
Supervising the quality of medical payment programs

Which of the following are examples of government funded health insurance programs?

medicare, medicaid, CHIP

In 2014, a total of 23% of the federal budget was spent on Medicaid and which of the following?


Which of these statements best describes “fee for service”?

the provider is finically rewarded for volume

In what year did the first Baby Boomers turn 65?


The most important of future disabilities will be which of the following?

chronic disease

The leading causes of death in those age 65 and older are cancer and which of the following?

heart disease

A nursing home which provides the level of care closest to hospital care is called a(n):

skilled nursing facility

Nursing facility services are provided by Medicaid-certified nursing homes, which primarily provide which types of services?

long term care

Non-medical facilities that provide a rooms or apartments, meals, housekeeping, medication management, assistance with ADLs as needed, and recreational activities are known as which of the following?

residential care communities/ assisted living facilities

Which of the following is not one of the ways that access to health care was expanded?

Including pre-existing medical conditions on persons older than 75 years of age

Which of the following requirements ensured the same benefits for all Americans regardless of the source of insurance coverage?

essential health benefits