Healthcare Education – Nursing Homework

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Patient, Healthcare, Education

The key terms of this Healthcare & Nursing course include Patient, Professional, Healthcare Education.

To sustain their careers over time, healthcare practitioners must be prepared to act in a professional manner. Which of the following examples would not display professionalism?

Talking about a patient in the presence of another patient.

Which of the following best describes ethics?

Formal study of moral choices
Making judgments between right and wrong
Listening to one’s conscience

Healthcare professionals display their understanding of the need for confidentiality in which of the following ways?

Upholding their obligation to maintain patient information in a manner that will not permit dissemination beyond the healthcare provider
Not making comments in public areas about patient information
Only discussing patient confidential information with those medical personnel who are involved in treating the patient

What are the two types of healthcare teams?

Functional and patient centered

True or False? Licensing refers to a right conferred by a governmental body to practice an occupation or provide a service.


True or False? Certification refers to the action or process of providing an individual with an official document attesting to their status or level of achievement.


True or False? The most common accusation leveled in a lawsuit against a healthcare practitioner is negligence.


True or False? The legal theory of “res ipsa loquitor” means the nurse is always held blameless


True or False? The process by which a professional seeks recurrent learning activities and training beyond that required for the initial license or certificate is referred to as continuing education.


Healthcare practitioners and technical occupations is a broad category with high educational requirements.


Negligence is a subcategory of malpractice.


All states require dental assistants to complete a minimum of which of the following?

States have varying requirements

Some of the qualifications a dental laboratory technician needs to perform their job duties include which of the following?

Manual dexterity
Good vision
An artistic aptitude for detailed work

What is the basic level of education required for a dental laboratory technician?

There is no set level of education required

True or False? Dentists may also perform surgery on a patient’s teeth and/or supporting bone structure.


True or False? A licensed dentist is not permitted to administer anesthetics.