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Dietitian Nutritionist, Medications

The key terms of this Healthcare & Nursing course include Dietitian Nutritionist, Environment, Medications.

Which of the following work environments would be appropriate for registered dietitian nutritionists?

Nursing care facility
Private practice

Which of the following work environments expect to continue to employ a large number of registered dietitian nutritionists?


A clinical registered dietitian nutritionist can become board certified in which of the following specialty areas?

Gerontological nutrition (GSG)
Pediatric nutrition (CSP)
Oncology nutrition (CSO)

In order to maintain a registered dietitian nutritionist status, a person must do which of the following?

Complete at least 75 credit hours of continuing education every 5 years

Which of the following industries paid out the highest median annual wage for dietitians and nutritionists in 2013?

Food and nutrition management

Which of the following duties will a pharmacotherapist perform?

Making hospital rounds with the physicians
Talking with patients about medications
Monitoring pharmaceutical use

Which of the following pharmacists determine and prepare medications needed for nutrition?

Nutrition support pharmacist

Which of the following are not factors that will continue to spur demand for pharmacists throughout the 2024 projection period?

Increased number of hospitals and clinics

Pharmacists with interest and special talent can be engaged in highly specialized tasks such as which of the following?

Magazine editing
Science reporting

In 2014, what percentage of pharmacists worked in a retail setting within the community?


How many years does the PharmD program generally take to complete?

4 years

How many states in the United States require optometrists to be licensed?

all states

The OAT (Optometry Admission Test) consists of which of the following?

four tests

Some of the reasons the job market is very good for the new optometrist include which of the following?

Increasing vision care needs of an aging population

Optometrists are qualified to treat some other diseases that are considered “systemic,” such as diabetes and high blood pressure.


Optometrists are qualified to perform eye surgery.