Degrees Of Latitude & Atmosphere – Geology

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Degrees Of Latitude & Atmosphere - Geology
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Degrees Of Latitude & Atmosphere – Geology

This Geology chapter is about Degrees Of Latitude & Atmosphere

Which is the most likely degrees of latitude of our school campus? 

23.5 S

34 N – correct

90 N

Varies by season

Degrees of North Pole?

25 South

90 North- correct

0 North

100 North

How many degrees of latitude is the Tropic of Cancer?

30 N

23.5 S

Varies by season

23.5 N- correct

 Around the world, millions of people live on the Equator. What’s the shortest day of the year for those living on the Equator?

December 21

June 21

The March Equinox

All days are the same length- correct

What color is infrared?

Orange red

Mostly red

Unknown- correct


The general term used to describe a drawn line on a map, that is made up of multiple data points, all having equal value, is called an ______________.

Isoline – correct

In the natural world, energy and matter can be thought of as being part of a system. When considering all the matter of Earth (rocks , water, air), we would say that system is a _______________ system.

closed- correct

Due to the inherent problem of  projecting a three-dimensional object (Earth) onto a two-dimensional flat surface (a map); All maps are _______________.

distortion- correct

During the lecture explaining remote sensing, name one of the two cities mentioned. (Spelled correctly, state name not necessary)

Palm springs- correct

Palm Springs

Las Vegas


Our text uses the term _____________________ to describe Earth’s orbital path around the Sun?

Plane of the Ecliptic- correct

plane of the ecliptic

Name one, non-gaseous particulate that is commonly found in the atmosphere. (just one word)

Smoke – correct






_____________ is the primary, most fundamental control for a regions climate. And, it’s what this class is all about.(One word, spelled correctly)

Latitude  – correct

Term used to describe short-term atmospheric conditions for a given time in a specific location.

General Circulation



Weather– correct

What is the most common gas in the atmosphere?

Nitrogen– correct

Water vapor

Carbon dioxide


We live in which portion of the atmosphere?



Troposphere– correct


The Atmospheric General Circulation; the midlatitude wind directions flow ___________ to ____________.

West to East  – correct

west east

East West

west to east

Name a common substance found in nature that has a very high albedo.

Clouds  – correct


The specific heat of water requires [temp] energy input to raise the temperature of an equal proportion of land the same temperature.

5 times more  – correct

equal amounts

5 times less

100 times more

Which term describes when electromagnetic energy travels through a medium without changing its wavelength?

hot cheesy nacho fries



Transmission  – correct

Which process describes energy being transferred from one molecule to the next? (A prime example occurs when when warm ground transfers energy to the surrounding atmosphere.)

Conduction  – correct



specific heat

A _____________ pressure system develops when relatively cooler air sinks then diverges at the surface.

high pressure system  – correct

low pressure


The winds that come out of the STH’s and flow into the midlatitudes are called the _______________.

Westerlies  – correct

Where do the tradewinds from each hemisphere converge?

ITCZ, intertropical convergence zone  – correct

Hadley cells

they don’t

around 30 degrees of latitude

As a parcel of air sinks, what happens to that parcel of air adibatically?

Rises, then cools

Compresses, then cools

Compresses, then warms  – correct

Rises, then warms

As air leaves a high pressure system in the southern hemisphere, which direction are surface winds being deflected as it moves forward?

To it’s left  – correct


To it’s right


As atmospheric temperature goes up, relative humidity goes ______________. (one word)

Decreases  – correct

What specifically occurs during an ‘exchange of latent heat’?

The DAR drops below zero percent humidity

The stratosphere warms slightly

Hydrogen bonds are formed or broken  – correct

Water vapor evaporates into ice

What occurs when a parcel of air reaches the LCL?


Specific heat


Condensation can occur  – correct

What is the relationship between RH and temperature?



Inversely  – correct


Where would orographic lift occur?

Mountains  – correct