Cell & Plasma Membrane – Biology Quiz

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Cell & Plasma Membrane – Biology Quiz

The key terms in these Biology chapters include Cell, Plasma Membrane, Protein, Polar Substance – Biology Quiz.

The plasma membrane is the ________ barrier for a cell. It is primarily composed of ___________ but also has many other molecules within the membrane.

outer – correct

phospholipid – correct

There are many different proteins inserted into the plasma membrane. List three different functions of membrane proteins:

Transport proteins: transport proteins embedded in the phospholipid bilayer create passageways through which ions, glucose, and other polar substances
pass into or out of the cell.

Enzymes these proteins facilitate chemical reactions that otherwise would proceed too slowly to sustain life.

Recognition proteins carbohydrates attached to the cell surface proteins serve as a name tags that helps the body immune system recognizes its own cell.

Cholesterol molecules are found in between the fatty acid tails in the plasma membrane. The purpose of cholesterol is to break up the fatty acid tails and
maintain the membrane’s _________. This is important in terms of allowing movement and transport within and through the plasma membrane.

FLUIDITY – correct

The ___________ a ‘coating’ of sugar/protein and sugar/lipid molecules that covers the plasma membranes of several types of cells. It is not entirely clear what the
function of this structure, but it appears to serve different functions in different cells: protection, attachment, etc.

Glycocalyx – correct

Scientists Uirst thought that the plasma membrane was a ____________ and did not move or change. With further research, it was shown that the plasma membrane is _______________ with many molecules constantly moving within the membrane. The new model to describe the plasma membrane was called the ___________ model.

butter_sandwich – correct

very_dynamic – correct

FLUID MOSAIC – correct

Phospholipids make up the majority of the plasma membrane. These molecules have a ________ head containing a glycerol molecule and a phosphate group. This means that the head of the phospholipid is _________, meaning it interacts well with water.

POLAR – correct