Blend And Gradient Of Adobe Illustrator – Computer Skills

The key terms in this Computer Skills course include Blend And Gradient Of Adobe Illustrator, shapes, colors, spine, gradient panel, weight.

How do you adjust the shapes or colors in a blend? how do you adjust the path of a blend?

You can use the direct selection tool to select and adjust the shape of an original object thus changing the shape of the blend. you can change the colors of the original objects to adjust the intermediate colors of the blend. You can also use the convert anchor point tool to change the chap of the path, or spine, of the blend by dragging anchor points or direction handles on the spine.

What is the difference between selecting a smooth color blend and specifying the number of steps in a blend.

When you choose smooth color blend, illustrator automatically calculates the number of intermediate steps necessary to create a seamlessly smooth blend between the selected objects. Specifying the number of steps lets you determine how many intermediate steps are visible in the blend. you can also specify the distance between intermediate steps in the blend.

Describe two ways to blend the shapes and colors of objects

clock each object with the blend tool to create a blend of intermediate steps between the objects. or select the objects and choose object>blend>blend options to set the number of intermediate steps, then choose objects>blend>make to create the blend.           

What is the difference between a gradient and a blend?

The way there the colors combine together- colors blend together within a gradient and between objects in a blend.

How can you adjust the direction of a gradient?

Drag weight the gradient tool to adjust the direction of a gradient.

Name two ways you can aft colors to a gradient

In the gradient panel, click beneath the gradient slider to add a gradient stop to the gradient. the double click the color stop to edit the color using the panel that appears to mix a new color to to apply an existing color swatch, or you can select the gradient tool in the tools panel position the pointer over the gradient filled object and then click beneath the gradient slider that appears in the artwork to add a color stop.