Athletic Trainers – Healthcare & Nursing HW

Athletic Trainers

The key terms of this Healthcare & Nursing course include Athletic Trainers.

Prior to 2015, what was the minimum requirement for athletic trainers?

bachelors degree

True or False? Employment of athletic trainers is projected to grow 21% from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations, because of their role in preventing injuries and reducing healthcare costs.


True or False? Athletic trainers that work in a sports setting typically have schedules that are more flexible and they tend to work fewer hours overall.


True or False? In 2015, the Athletic Trainers Strategic Alliance made the decision to require a master’s degree for all entry-level athletic trainers.


Which of the statements below best describes the field of mental health professionals?

Working with patients to prevent, diagnose, and treat mental disorders

Psychology is best defined by which of the following?

A scientific approach to gathering, quantifying, analyzing, and interpreting data on why people act as they do

The field of psychology offers a number of specializations. These include which of the following?

Clinical psychology
B. Engineering psychology
C. School and social psychology
D. Rehabilitation psychology

True or False? As distinguished from psychiatry, which is a branch of medicine, psychology is a nonmedical science.


True or False? Substance abuse counselors are also called addiction counselors.


What is the most common entry-level degree necessary for social workers?

Bachelor’s degree

Social workers assist people by helping in many ways. Which of the below are examples of ways they help others?

Helping them cope or solve issues with family and dealing with relationships.
B. Helping people who are facing disability.
C. Helping those with substance abuse problems.

Social workers may be employed in a variety of settings, including which of the following?

Child welfare agencies
B. Colleges and universities
C. Hospitals

True or False? A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement for social and human service assistants, but employers often seek individuals with relevant work experience or education beyond high school.


True or False? High pay and reasonable workloads cause many workers to stay in this occupation, creating few opportunities for new workers entering the field.


Which of the following is the minimum requirement to be eligible for the Certified Genetic Counselor licensure examination?


Genetic counselors perform the following duties as part of their job.

all are correct