Antimicrobial Infection Control & Healthcare – Microbiology

Antimicrobial Infection Control & Healthcare – Microbiology

This chapter of microbiology covers antimicrobial infection control and healthcare.

You are caring for a patient diagnosed with mycoplasmal pneumonia. Droplet precautions have been instituted, so you must

Wear a respirator
Protect your eyes
Use an air filter
Wear shoe covers

To decontaminate your hands with an alcohol-based gel, you rub them together until all of the gel has evaporated and your hands are dry. The primary reason you do this is that

Drying provides the full antiseptic effect
Residual alcohol can easily stain clothing
Excess gel could transfer to the patient
So Slippery gel can make you drop supplies

Standard precautions mandate

rinsing gloves that become visibly soiled during use.

using antimicrobial soap but for routine hand washing.

disinfecting hands immediately after removing gloves.

keeping gloves on when touching environmental surfaces.

Contact precautions would be mandated for a hospitalized adult patient diagnosed with

Hepatitis B.
Infectious diarrhea

After completing a procedure that required donning PPE consisting of a gown, an N95 respirator, a face shield, and gloves, which of the following should the nurse remove first when removing PPE separately?

The gloves
The gown
The face shield
The N95 respirator

You are about to irrigate a patient’s open wound. Besides gloves, which other item of personal protective equipment (PPE) must you wear?

A sterile gown
A face shield
An N95 respirator

Antimicrobial Infection Control & Healthcare

Which product can affect the permeability of gloves?

Antimicrobial soap and water
Alcohol based antiseptic gel
Petroleum based hand lotion
Water based hand lotion

Which of the following is an advantage of using alcohol-based gel?

Its use take less time than washing with soap/water does

It removes gross contamination better than soap/water does

Its protective nature reduces the need for frequent hand washing

It provides adequate protection before surgical applications

After assisting a newly admitted patient in removing his shoes and outerwear, you notice what appears to be soil on your hands. You

Cleanse your hands with an alcohol-based gel.

Wash your hands with soap/water

Brush off the soil against a cloth surface

Use a wet paper towel so to remove the soil

A patient has a healthcare-associated infection. This term means that the patient

Became infected due to compromised immunity

Was infected during a therapeutic procedure

Inhaled pathogens so in a healthcare setting

Acquired the infection while hospitalized

You are washing your hands with a nonantimicrobial soap and water prior to repositioning a patient in bed. During the hand washing procedure, it is important to

Make sure that the water is hot
Continue for at least 15 seconds
Use a liquid soap preparation
Remove rings but watches first